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English for A Better World: An Interactive, Collaborative, and Integrative Workweek for High School (4th Year). Guenon City. Rexes Printing Company II. Instructional Materials a. Powering Presentation b. Handouts on the rules of the Subject-verb Agreement c. Video presentation showing how to make a jazz chant IV. Developmental Procedure a. Motivation/Schema Building The teacher will divide the class into three. Each group has a flag. When the teacher shows sentences in the screen, the students must raise their flags ND answer the question of the teacher correctly.

First to raise their flags will be the first to answer. “The dishes in the kitchen is dirty”‘ Question: Is the sentence correct? Who can rephrase the sentence? “Ham and egg are my favorite breakfast” Question: Is this correct? Who can correct the wrong word? “Neither Peter nor his classmates are informed about the shortened period” Question: Is the sentence correct? How do you say so? B. Lesson Proper With the first activity, the three groups are given three minutes to construct heir own definition and must give at least 4 rules of the subject-verb agreement based from their answers.

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Afterwards, the teacher will hand them the copy of the rules of the subject-verb agreement. Each of them must discuss the given handout within their group. C. Application The teacher will show a video presentation on how to make a jazz chant. Each group must make a two-minute jazz chant about the rules of the subject-verb agreement. The teacher will be the judge on who made the best jazz chant amongst the class with the following criteria: 40 Lyrics 0 Melody 30 Group Participation d.

Generalization The students will be asked to make a short skit. The skit would be about the rules of subject-verb agreement. Each group is given 5 minutes to come up with their presentation. The most number of rules shown in the skit will be given an additional point to their quiz. E. Evaluation In a h crosswise, copy and answer the following sentences. Underline the correct verb to make the subject agree with it. 1 . All Of us (was,were) ready to leave at five o’clock 2. Either Ester or her cousins (is,are) mistaken .

Twelve inches (is,rare) equivalent to 1 foot. 4. His pants (is,are) torn 5. Amelia and Mitch (is,are) both actresses in a theater. V. Assignment Get a partner and give the correct form of the verb inside the parenthesis. Remember the rules on S-V Agreement. Many a Filipino citizen (say) that each man and woman in our country (be) willing to be the respondent of his research study. Two-thirds of these cooperative respondents live) in the rural areas and the remaining one-third (reside) in the key cities of the Philippines.

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