Love and Other Drugs Assignment

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When I heard about this assignment I was debating whether to write about this book read about Joseph Stalin or one of the many movies I’ve seen since we been here. Since I retain information better by visual and seeing, I decide to go with this romantic comedy movie, “Love and other drugs”. Not exactly sure on the criteria to write about, just want to cover a few points and lessons I learned from this movie, our health care and relationship. This movie is about the relationship between Jamie, a pharmaceutical sales rep ND Maggie, an artist woman with Parkinson disease.

The story presents these two characters with extreme passion for life and sexual desire. At first they hides their personal issues from each other, but is also which increases the desires of both to connect more fully with the other. Jamie doesn’t know about Maggie disease until he took her to a conference in Chicago and she was invited by a woman to a Parkinson disease convention midway in the movie. It was there that a man told Jamie to go away when he still have the chance instead of sticking with his girlfriend Maggie.

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After they got out of the convention, Maggie realized how much he loves her even though he knew she had an illness. Even when Maggie told him to go away and find someone in good health he sticks by her, this really defines the concept of unconditional love. You’ll know someone is right for you, and there’s no point denying it, when they choose to stick by you when they know the going will get tough, hat things will turn out quite the nightmare, but decide to do so nonetheless.

When we truly love someone we should takes the concept of “in sickness and in health” to heart; we don’t need to wait until marriage. Even though Maggie is battling illness she still enjoy the moments and I think this is how everyone should live their life, to the fullest no matter what. There was a scene midway through the movie where Maggie tells Jamie that even though she ay have many other moments like the ones that she shared with him that it will never be as special or mean as much to her.

This really reminds you of what it is like to love someone that much and you shouldn’t bring in their past relationships. This movie also shows we need to do something about our health care system. There are few times Maggie took some senior citizen to Canada to get cheaper prescription drugs. We are the wealthiest nation and our health care isn’t as good as other less wealthy nation.

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