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Controlling compares to see If goals are being achieved. A. I. Actual performance to competitor performance a. Ii. Planned performance to standard performance a. Iii. Actual performance to planned performance a-lb. Standard performance In Ideal performance 2. For managers, communication can’t be overemphasized because requires communication. A]. Planning a. Al. Decision;making a. Iii. Everything a manager does a. Iv. Supervising and monitoring employees 3. Which kind of control takes place before the actual work Is carried out? A. I. Feed forward a. Ii.

Concurrent a-Ill. Feedback a. Iv. Recurrent 4. Shred’s boss encourages employees to participate in the decision-making process but does not give them complete freedom to do, as they like. She has this kind of a. I. Democratic a. Ii. Monarchical a. “I. Lasses fairs DVD. Autocratic 5. Courtesy and timeliness are measures of a-I. Product appeal a. Ii. Service quality a. Iii. Service cost a. Iv. Product quality 6. What types of eastwards concurrent and feedback controls can managers put in place to help with an employee absentee problem? 7. Management oversees the transformation process that converts . . Operations a. Ii. Control a. Iii. Planning a. Iv. Systems 8. What managers choose to measure largely determines an organization’s Image Leaders and leadership style Goals Structure 9. A theory that suggests that employees compare their inputs and outputs from a job to the ratio of relevant others is known as Equality theory Reimbursement theory Goal setting Action motivation 10. When an auto industry manager raves about plans for a new car design and fails to see the flaws in the model, he is engaging in this Selective pent option Innovation Information overlooked Reluctant 11.

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Is a measure of an organization’s ability to meet its current debt obligations. Profitability Liquidity Leverage Activity 12. This team leader role requires leaders to try to get the best out of their team. Troubleshooter Liaison Coach Conflict manager 13. The path goal theory sees the Job of an effective leader as Proving clear instructions for the followers Defining goals for followers Helping followers understand their goals 14. Value is any aspect of a product that customers Notice Will pay for 15. The transformation process transforms Inputs into goods and services Inputs into service only

Goods and services into products Materials into goods only 16. Visionary leaders are leaders who guide by The force of their personality Inspiring followers Articulating a vision of the future Offering rewards to followers 17. An example of nonverbal communication is A voice mail An email A smile a whisper A whisper in the product. 18. When an auto executive fails to notice an important demographics report in her overstuffed inbox before going to a meeting. She 19. Motivation NOT A process that leads to a goal Something that requires a direction Something that varies from situation to situation

A permanent personal trait Avoid work unless rewards were high Just want to collect a paycheck Love their Jobs more than the money they make Avoid responsibility for their actions 21 . Jargon can be very useful for communication Within a specialized close-knit group Between males and females Outside of a specialized close-knit group Between people who speak different languages 22. Which of the following in NOT a key component of emotional intelligence (E’)? Social skills Active imagination Empathy Self-awareness Assumes that employees have little ambition, dislike work, and avoid responsibility

Theory X Belongingness needs theory Self-actualization needs theory Theory Y 24. Service organization Produce physical outputs only Produce nonphysical outputs only Require nonphysical inputs only Produce physical and nonphysical outputs 25. Which communication sequence is correct? Sender-encoding-channel-decoding-receiver Sender-channel-medium-recoding-receiver Sender-decoding-channel-encoding-receiver Source-sender-encoding-encoding-receiver 26. Ammonia’s boss allows her any decision she thins is important on the spot without Laissez-fairer style Democratic style Hands on style Automatic style 27.

Ross can create web pages that are accessible only to remember of his organization on An interchange An ethanol A videoconferencing An electronic data interchange 28. If a trait theory of leadership were true, then all leaders would possess Charisma The same traits Different traits Seven traits 29. Setting goals definitely seems so Increases performance and motivation Decreases motivation and performance Increases motivation but not performance Decreases performance but increase motivation 30. The is the series of work actions that value to a product as it is being transformed from inputs to finished product.

Supply chain Input chain Output chain Value chain 31 . Which three needs are recognized in Miscellany’s three-needs theory? Achievement-power-affiliation Achievement-power-security Security-self-interest- affiliation Power-comfort-stimulation Developing empathy with the speaker Focusing on the speaker Understanding the full meaning of the speaker’s message Avoiding premature Judgment or interpretations of the speaker’s message 33. Mallows theory is a hierarchy because All needs are equal Needs are satisfied sequentially All needs are important Needs are never truly satisfied 34.

The human reactions view of conflict states that conflict Is necessary for successful group performance Must be avoided Is natural and inevitable Should be ignored 35. What was your favorite thing we discussed this semester relating to current events? Why? 36. Transformation leaders are leaders who guide by Articling a vision for followers 37. According to Herbert. What controls satisfaction and motivation? Intrinsic factors Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors Extrinsic factors Extrinsic and security factors 38. Two horizontal bars that identify the _ represent each work activity in a Giant chart. Goal and actual progress

Actual progress and manager’s name The date and the manager’s name 39. A major part of the controlling function of management is to Formulate strategies Set standards Correct performance problems 40. The first step in the control process s to Measures actual performance Compare a standard against an ideal Take action Compare performance against a standard 41. Is the deliberate manipulation of information by the sender to make it appear more favorable to the receiver. Selective perception Filtering Information overload Jargon 42. What are the benefits and drawbacks of both written and verbal communication?

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