Compare Contrast Performance Enhancing Drugs Assignment

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Assignment 4-1-1 Compare and Contrast COMM 120 College Writing Justin Reed Professor Hilton-Ross Performance-Enhancing Drugs: New level of excitement or quick death? We regularly hear of professional athletes being accused of “doping,” or use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Many do this to be the very best at what they do. This is lucrative for not only the player, but also for the franchises that bring in the crowds. The question that arises is, if these drugs should be the new frontier of sports, or if we should heavily screen the players to prevent death.

Looking at this from a neutral standpoint, it can be very easy to see both positives and negatives to taking such drugs. Our society not only demands perfection, but we also expect a level of entertainment that is on par or greater than the ever increasing price tag of the tickets that we buy for these spectacles. Many of the drugs that are banned from sports are due to the side-effects that often occur. The players have psychotic episodes, become increasing hostile, and sometimes even death. Even with the evidence backing this, the drugs are still used. The reason for this is monetary gains.

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A question comes to mind, would you rather live a long, regular life or a shortened, amazing one? You will be faster, stronger, and heal more quickly than you ever have before. Still, let’s make the assumption that athletes begin to use performance-enhancing drugs, the prices are higher for tickets,and the amount of time a player will actually be capable of playing at such a high level is decreased. Who really wins in this scenario? I believe thefans do. Fansget a very exciting game, more plays, more action, and more impact. Things that were not possible become far more possible.

Games are invented or improved to make the spectacle all the better. The athletes can now demandmore money because the crowds are greater. In turn,the crowd draw means the franchise can improve the facilities and impact the surrounding areas. Yes, the athletes have a potential of being hurt, but their sacrifice could ultimately bring happiness to thousands, give them extreme wealth,and help the areas businesses. References Donovan, R. J. , Egger, G. , Kapernick, V. , & Mendoza, J. (2002). A Conceptual Framework for Achieving Performance Enhancing Drug Compliance in Sport. _Sports Medicine_, 32(4), 269-284.

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