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Unpack your backpack quickly and get out your supplies. 3. Begin the warm-up assignment. Sharpening Your Pencil: Only quiet handheld sharpeners WITH a lid are allowed in class. This is to keep our classroom floors clean and free of pencil shavings and streaks from pencil leads. If I see you using a sharpener in class without a lid I will throw it away. Please be sure to empty your sharpener each day because you will not be allowed to get up in the middle of class to empty your sharpener. When I Need Your Attention: 1. Will ask you to give me five.

This means I-eyes on me, 2-hands free, 3- mouths closed, 4-bodies still, and 5-ears listening. OR 2. If the class is working too loudly, will raise my hand. When you see this, you need to raise your hand as well and wait for the rest of the class to follow. Bathroom: You are expected to go at nutrition, lunch, and in between classes. You will only be allowed to use two bathroom passes each semester. I will ask you etc bring your agenda to me, opened to page R-10, for me to sign before I love. N you to go. If you use a bathroom pass you may still be required to make up mime during lunch or nutrition if you missed something important.

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If you ha already used your two bathroom passes and you need to go again you will need to serve 10 minutes with me after school or during nutrition for each additional bathroom break you take. You may only go during independent work time and reserve the right to say no. Please inform me with a note from your doctor if you have a medical condition that causes you to use the restroom frequently. Breaks: You will be given a short restroom break in between class periods (on the days where we meet for two periods straight), but you must be back well before the bell rings.

Also, be aware that breaks are a privilege, not a right. L’ we need to make-up time because we were not focused during the lesson w will lose break time. Note: This is not time to socialize outside the classroom If see students standing around outside talking, I will call students back into class and revoke the break for a few days. Class Supplies You must bring the following supplies with you to class everyday: 4 sharpened pencils (both wooden #2 pencils and mechanical #2 pencils are acceptable) 1 silent sharpener with a lid (lidless sharpeners will not be remitted in class). Black pens (no erasable pens please) 1 colored pen for peer editing (I. E. : blue, green, red, purple, orange, or pink ink. NO YELLOW please) 1 highlighter marker Ample amounts of loose-leaf paper A composition book for your “Science Notebook” (any color) Erasers A reading for pleasure book (Can be checked out from the library or classroom, purchased, or traded with other students) Agendas: Each student will be given one student agenda for free. This is where you WI write all homework and project assignments. You are required to bring your agenda to school with you everyday.

I will stamp your agenda daily to verify that the homework was written correctly. Additionally, a parent needs to gig your agenda everyday after you complete your homework. Homework: Homework is due the school day after it is given (unless I tell you otherwise) Incomplete work will receive partial credit. If none or very little of the assignment is done, you will receive zero credit. Late work will have 25% deducted from your score, which is a “C” grade (assuming you did the assignment perfectly) and will only be graded and returned at the end of eat.

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