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In order to be a good student, one of the key areas you’ll have to work on is being organized. Without organization, you’ll have trouble finding your school supplies and notes! Buy a binder to store your notes, homework, and tests/ quizzes in it. To distinguish the difference between each class, purchase tabs or make some of your own. Another option is to purchase folders to either replace the binder or assist it. Buy a pencil case and put all your writing utensils in there. Be sure you always have an extra pencil in there in case something happens to the pencil you’re using.

If you prefer mechanical pencils, make sure you have extra lead in the pencil case as well. In case you have no access to a pencil sharpener in the classroom, bring your own small one. The kind that catches the shavings is recommended, and make sure it doesn’t make too much noise! TO be prepared for math, it is recommended you slip a small calculator in the pencil case as well. If your pencil case is big enough, put a ruler in as well. Buy a planner or an agenda to make note of the due dates of assignments, tests, and big projects.

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That way, hen you arrive at home in the evening, you will be able to organize your homework schedule and figure out which assignment is due first, and when you should work on it. Good proportioning is necessary in this area. Make sure your locker is clean and organized. Keep it free of random papers – keep all papers in your binder or folder(s) – and do not clutter it with unnecessary decorations, as they are pointless and you’ll have to take them down at the end of the year. It is recommended you stack your books in your locker in the order of your lasses.

That way, you can easily grab your book from the top stack, and later slip it underneath the pile for tomorrow! Dress appropriate and nicely, as it shows respect. Avoid wearing clothes that are too small or too big. If you have a uniform, wear it neatly, tucking in your shirt and making sure it looks fine. Follow your school’s dress code, keeping in within the boundaries. Be grateful that the school board was willing to allow you to wear your own clothes, and know that they could have made you wear a uniform instead.

If you add accessories to your clothing, follow the rule: look in the mirror before you leave and remove one item. Make sure you have done your homework and take good, clear notes that you will be able to read later on. Leaving until later what could be done today is asking for trouble and crammed results. If a report is due by Monday and you’ve had three weeks to do it, don’t wait until Sunday. Try to work on it daily for a while until you are finished with the report. Show that you are a willing participant and that you are eager to learn. If you do not understand don’t be afraid to ask the teacher.

When you have something to share, raise your hand. Read further than the chapter in class. If you want to take the lead in your class you need to work hard (sometimes, teachers don’t want you to read ahead, so this is not always a good idea). Fill out the study guides if they are supplied, or make your own guides. Feeling refreshed and awake are perfect studying conditions. Distractions during study time will make your studying less effective. This includes TV, people talking, the radio, and some music etc. – anything that is taking your mind off the task at hand.

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