Letter of Recommendation Assignment

Letter of Recommendation Assignment Words: 348

A. Shanker M. TechDate: 22-08-2010 Assistant Professor Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Email: [email protected] com LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION Mr. has requested me to serve as a reference for him as he applies to your M. S. program. As the professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I had the opportunity to appraise him from various angles for past four years. As a student, he has never been content with mere class work and presented technical seminars in various educational institutions.

His leadership qualities coupled with excellent time management skills and aided by his communicative skills allows him to take up any assignment with confidence. Other than his academics he is also one of the best students in the extra-curricular activities. He also represented the college in various inter college competitions. He has very good oratorical powers and is excellent manager, which was in his arranging many social like the fresher’s day in the second year.

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During my contact with him I have found him to be intelligent, characterized by hard work and perseverance and a methodical young man capable of meeting deadlines. I have recognized his capacity to think originally and express his thoughts with clear expressions in English in oral as well as written forms. Occasional hitches tend to reinforce his commitment and resolve with the result but in the long run with his steadiness of mind under stress he can easily overcome this and his targets. I have found him to have persistent determination and a state of active curiosity while working towards his accomplishments.

Mr. Venkataharish is a reliable and disciplined person. Further he has the capacity of adapting himself to new and challenging environment. With these strengths and his co-operative nature, I firmly believe you would make him a successful candidate for pursuing higher studies in your university. I would be absolutely happy if his generation endorsement of mine coming out of close range of my observation of Mr. Venkataharish procures as admission in your esteemed university with suitable finance assistance. (A. Shanker)

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