Paying It Forward Letter Assignment

Paying It Forward Letter Assignment Words: 463

To whom this may interest: I am writing to you today to point out some great feature’s that the University of Phoenix offers prospective new students. The three things that turned me onto this school are student resources, career exploration and time management skills training. The student resources are wonderful tools that I-COP have designed to help students be successful in their academic careers. The library that has been designed for us has everything you will need for research papers, and essays.

The plagiarism, and grammar checkers help you cite sources correctly, and with grammar. Making sure all of your writing assignments are grammatically formatted in the correct manner. There are even templates that your instructors help with in making sure your papers are in an PAP standard format, (PAP stands for American Psychological Association). Every facilitator here uses this format, so you do not have to learn a new writing technique for each course. Not all schools are that incline to do that for their students.

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University of Phoenix has an area of career exploration to find out what classes are best for each individual student. It helps show you where your personal strengths are, and that you are choosing the best area of interest for yourself. Some students have changed their minds once they have used this tool. Not realizing that they would be better suited as a web designer than an accountant. I personally chose web designer and computer programming as my area of study. I am eager to follow my dreams knowing that I can now make my dreams a reality.

Another area I would like to point out is time management. If you give yourself the correct time to study and accomplish your class work, then time management will not be a problem for you. Giving yourself adequate time is a must here at the COOP. Taking frequent breaks will help you to not become overwhelmed. Dedicating a quiet study space for yourself that does not have distractions. Turning off your cell phone is always a good idea while studying. If you prefer to study with light music on in the background, the school finds that a great idea.

The University is always there to help to make you a successful student. Your academic advisors are a phone call away. The attendance is as follows, two days are required for attendance, but you must do eight posts over the course of three days. This is how you are given participation credit. Always be active with the facilitators and other classmates. You will get constructive criticism and praise throughout every class which is a positive reinforcement to help push you forward in your studies.

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