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At the end of twenty- minute lesson, the students should be able to: Evaluate different kinds of food according to their uses in the body Identify the various kinds of food that our body needed State the importance of eating the right kinds of food II. Subject Matter Topic: The three Basic Food groups and Food Pyramid Reference: http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/Food_guide_pyramid WV. Livingston. Com Material: Powerboat, pictures of go, glow and grow foods Values Infused: Good eating habit and health consciousness Ill. Procedure A. Routinely Activities . Greetings 2. Classroom Management 3.

Prayer and Food for thought 4. Checking of Attendance B. Drill The class will all stand and will do the laughter yoga 2. 0 C. Review What was our topic last meeting? What Is the deflation of food? Why do we need food? Is food important to us? D. Motivation The class will be divided into three groups with two representatives each. The game is basically in a form of the commonly- known “Piano Henry” game. A mystery word will be given to each team. One of the team members will guess what a word by asking his/ her teammate a series of yes or no questions. The fastest team who will guess the mystery word correctly will win the game. . Sweet Potato 2. Tomato 3. Egg – What have you noticed about the mystery word? – The The Basic Food Groups 1 . Go foods- gives heat and energy to our body. Major nutrients: Carbohydrates and Fats Food Groups: Grains, Cereals, Sugar and Fats 2. Glow foods- regulate and protect our body. Major nutrients: Minerals and Vitamins Food Groups: Vegetables and Fruits 3. Grow Foods- builds our body and repairs cells and tissues. Major nutrient: Protein Foods group: Milk, Meat, Fish and Chicken All food can also be grouped into six food groups and can be presented into pyramid guide.

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A food guide pyramid is a pyramid shaped guide of healthy foods divided into sections to show the recommended intake for each food group. The six food group in pyramid system and its functions: 1 . Grain Group- Our body uses the carbohydrates found in cereals, breads, and other grains by breaking them down into glucose which is the major source of energy for the body. 2. Vegetable Group- Vegetables are an important source of minerals, vitamins and fiber which are essential for wellness. 3. Fruit Group- Like vegetables, fruits offers a did variety of healthy vitamins and minerals that our body needs to grow and protect ourselves from illness.

Fruits are low in calories and fat and a good source of natural sugars, fiber and vitamins. 4. Milk Group- Milk and other dairy products are an important source of dietary calcium which promotes bone strength. 5. Meat and Bean Group- Meat and beans provide the body with several important nutrients including zinc, iron, the B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium and protein. Proteins are used by the body to construct tissues like muscle, cartilage and bone. Iron binds oxygen in red blood cells and carries the oxygen all over the body. 6.

Oil/ Fat Group- Oils are important for your body to regulate temperature and maintain the integrity of its cells. The most nutritious oils are those that occur naturally in foods like avocado, nuts, olives and some fish. Although these foods are healthy, moderation is the key. E. Generalization What is the function of go, glow and grow foods in our body? Can you give example for each food group? What is food pyramid? What are the six food group system and the benefits it gives to our body? From the given benefits of food group what do you think are the advantages of eating the right minds of food? F.

Water C. Fruit D. Protein 3. Which of the following nutrients provides the body with its primary source of energy? C. Vitamins D. Carbohydrate A. It builds and repair the body B. It helps protect and regulate our body C. It gives heat and energy our body needed D. All of the above 5. Fish belongs to which food group? A. Meats and Beans B. Milk and Dairy C. Fats V. Assignment On a whole sheet of paper, answer the following questions given below: 1. Define balanced meal. 2. What is meal planning? 3. What is the importance of meal planning? 4. What are the factors affecting meal planning?

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