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The importance of diversity is highlighted when students are doing activities in groups as this strongly affects the way they work together. The article’s thesis is well supported by the quotations Selene uses from a member of the group learning the importance of the effectiveness of communication in c reading a leader. “We learned not only writing and making oral presentations in a precise and f reoccur manner, but ‘active listening’ as well,” Frescos reports.

He appreciated his newly sharpener d communication skills when he came to the end of a medical college interview and the doctor t old him, “YOU just be one of those extroverts who can talk to anyone. ” “Not at all, Frescos I insists; he is still a secret introvert. “(Selene, 1) This quotation starts with a statement which pr eves that communication and active listening are very important. There can not be a el adder who lacks communication and listens to every team member precisely.

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When the doctor r tells him that he’s an “extrovert who can talk to anyone” “Not at all, Frescos insists he is still a SE Crete introvert” (Selene, 7) This statement is a proof of Selene opinion that leaders can b e developed even f they aren’t born with the trait. “The program teaches that we are all born WI the the potential to lead, but that most leaderships require effort and experience to develop, that all kinds of leaders can contribute that charisma alone is rarely sufficient. (Selene, 10) This poi NT clearly states that if you are not born with the trait of being a leader, you can develop it ho waver diversity and experience is essential. It emphasizes the importance of experience in order t o become a great leader and that the charisma of someone not born with the leadership trait is imply not enough. Lesson number one is that without diversity on a team, progress is difficult an d incomplete. “Lesson two, for students who come to the program with previously acknowledge edged leadership abilities get over that habit of doing all the work yourself.

Real leaders seek h elf from others and don’t try to run away from a project. ” (Selene, 1) These lessons emphases size the importance Of teamwork stating that leader can not do the work himself ignoring the 20th err member opinions. Selene also take a major focus at self analysis on one’s path to be coming a leader Unlike other college courses in which journal assignments were meant to diet ermine how well you grasped the assigned material, these reflections demonstrated to what ex tent the material grasped you.

You were forced to answer questions that may have made you u uncomfortable, to think deeply and broadly, and to take hold of the material by applying it to you our own experience. ” (Selene, 5) There is also an importance placed on not giving up and sticking with projects until completion. In a way, it is also stating the importance of optimism m in a such a work environment. This article heavily related to the content explored in class.

For starters, the w hole course is practically teaching students how to develop as better and stronger leaders Although I was unfortunately absent from the retreat this semester, I was fortunate enough t o have attended it last semester. When we had our peer helping retreat at Nichols Arena, we did d many activities which required leaders to step forward. In one of the activities we had our AR ms crossed holding each other’s hands. We were all in knotted and had to untangle ourselves so we had a few people rye and direct how we would do it by taking into account everyone squeegees ins eventually untangling ourselves.

Another activity we did was where we were all standing on a mat and had to flip it over. The first time we tried it everyone was yelling their Ideas without t anyone really listening to other peoples’ ideas. When one person stepped up and tried to o organize it, taking in all suggestions, it worked. This relates to the importance of communication s kills highlighted in the article. When one person stepped up and took charge, it helped others SST pep up, also relatable o a Ted Talks video in which one person’s dancing and the others join him cry editing more than one leader.

The obvious relation is the retreat although OUrs is approximately four hours, the one in the article’s is forthright. “The course starts with a required retreat, with 48 intensive hours of silverberry and full immersion among a diverse spectrum of personality t hypes, all would be dumbwaiters, and everyone competing (and, ideally, collaborating) to lead to ward achievement. ” (Selene, 2) The journals that they write in this program are v ere similar to our afflictive journals every week. Marion Amelia Gomez, a Policy Analysis an d Management major preparing for a career in public affairs, says that, for her, one of the MO SST important aspects of the course was writing short reflections on readings and class discussions. ” (Selene, 6) In relation to Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highlighters Teens, the first habit m mentioned in to “be proactive” and in this article, the author says that a leader is someone who o takes action and does not give up on jobs.

Everyone in the class also has to lead a tutorial to m cost or all of the lass. In these tutorials, we’re taking on the roll of the teacher as the leaders n the classroom in front of our peers. Many connections can be made between this article and our placements. The main connection is that the objective of our placement class is practically to help an d lead our students to success. We are there to help them with work they may be struggling with, to help them with personal issues or to help get them organized, every little bit helps in the end.

The quality of leadership presented in the classroom is very important as it will decide whet err or not the students will respect you and listen or if you make no impact whatsoever. In our placement, we had a student who had no one binder with nothing attached to it, he would al ways lose the handouts and fail to complete homework assignments due to being too disco gaining. In my placement class last semester, when students would work in groups, we notice deed that it would often be one person setting themselves up in this “leadership” role by taking on the entire workload.

Although that may work for some, the article would argue complete lay differently emphasizing the importance of roles and diversity in the contribution. We hell peed him put everything in the correct place in his binder and get organized. Now he has b en completing all assignments and steadily flowing through the class thanks to great leadership A personal connection I can make is at my workplace (McDonald’s).

When it becomes very busy, a manager or a team leader is needed which help the flow of the restaurant and help eve Rooney stay in their positions. As the article tells us that not only one person is a leader, we are al I leaders in our own way by leading our stations and leading by example. The definition off leader can be different for everyone. It can be one individual al ROR group of people. The quality of leadership is beneficial not only at school, ho waver in the workplace, with friendships and in any aspect of life.

This article helps remind s us of the importance of this valuable trait and that we should always be focusing on d evolving it. Adhering roles are evident in our everyday lives and our everyday activities, these roles can change lives for the better, whether it is a group of people being influenced or just one student, it all makes an impact and difference in someone life one way, or another. References Covey, S. (1998).

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