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Offenders would participate e in many different ways of repairing their wrongdoing such as participating in communion TTY service or lasses, apologizing and meeting with all those affected in the crime. The con kept of restorative justice comes from the theory of justice which suggests that crime is an action which is harmful to the person and the community rather than the state. With first hand cacao nuts from victims and perpetrators, the article demonstrates different cases in which the use of rest oratorio justice was a better approach for both parties rather than a criminal punishment in a detent Zion center.

Restorative justice is only available to first time offender which really defends the concept of “everyone makes mistakes”. The articles attempts to present the thesis that restorative justice focuses on r pairing wrongdoings harm rather than meting out punishment. The these which sup ports the use of restorative justice in today’s society. “Our criminal justice system current app roach doesn’t address the impact of crime and the harm it causes to victim and communities s.

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An offender may be punished and successfully complete his sentence but this doesn’t necessary ill meet victim needs, repair the harm done or increase the publics sense or safety or satisfy Coin with the criminal justice system…. Restorative justice aims to repair and heal the harm caused by crime. The victim and the offender, along with their supports, and community member errs, impacted by the crime, come together to join in a dialogue process. ” (Mayfly, 2012, l). T he explanation of the justice system in today’s society is briefly explained.

The article instantly s wowed a stance of supporting the use of restorative justice in our society. “It’s hard to face your victim and say you’re sorry” (Mayfly, 2012, 2). In the restorative justice system, meeting an d apologizing to the victim is a major part of the process. This has been proven to have the gar attest satisfaction rate between both the victim and the offender. “As a philosophy, Restorative Justice owes much to ancient cultures, including Aboriginals who see wrongdoing as a community Yes opportunity to help a person reflect on mistakes and learn” (Mayfly, 2012, 2).

This Statement NT supports the fact that restorative justice is not a way to help and punish a single individual, whew areas in the restorative justice system, the aim to ameliorate the entire community. Managed to connect this article to a few different contents of the course. The e article indirectly connected to deposits in Coveys “Personal Bank Account’. The term m “Personal Bank Account (ABA)” which is in a way a savings account for yourself in which you c an make deposits or withdrawals. The restorative justice method would be a deposit onto ones ABA after a major withdrawal which would be the mistake of committing an offence.

It would be a deposit as it would make them feel more remorseful toward the victim and have the m understanding their actions in a clearer form. The article also made me think of the article “D rope Outs or Left Outs” in which a law was imposed that no one could receive their drivers license e without a secondary school diploma. This is opposing restorative justice as it is not give Eng the person any choice or real benefit in the long run, it is comparable to a court ruling of time in a detention center. The article “Youth Factorization and Violence” can also be related to the is article.

Since young offenders are largely dealt with in a restorative manner, this article was a clear connection since youth who have been victimized in the past have not been compensate d emotionally for their pain which can lead to a reason for why they have turned out in such a p or way. For the project management assignment, my group is researching the effects of Eire’s opinions driving. Due to the fact that consequences are so large financially mainly, many people e have refunded after drinking, testing or calling while driving.

Now the province of Ontario ha s given many people the opportunity to be sentenced to attending sessions, classes and pr sensations on their offence which gives them the opportunity to be restored into society with a CLC mean plate and a new mindset rather than just being charged a few hundred dollars or a few weeks in jail. As able to find many connections between the article and my placement CLC ass. Restorative justice was used when a student was rude and picking on another student.

They were not immediately sent to the office and handed a suspension, they were force d to apologize and write a letter to the other person describing how their actions may have hurt t he other student. The article also speaks of the opposite of restorative justice, which would be n a way a strict punishment which as the article argues, is a much worse approach. I have alls o witnessed this in my placement class. While a student was being rude and disruptive at the be ginning of class, the teacher sent him out into the hall to “think about what he did wrong’.

I notice d that when the student returned to class after the punishment was over, he carried on with h is mischievous actions. Restorative Justice is a useful form of protecting and ameliorating today’s socio Studies conducted have shown a the greatest results from victim satisfaction t 0 offender accountability. Dialogue be;en offenders and victims have proven to be extra namely helpful for both parties in the long run. The article used different viewpoints in retelling victims and offenders’ stories with a powerful affect on the way our justice system works.

While the article also states that restorative justice may not be in the interest of the victim at if rest, it has proven to lead to becoming the most sufficient level of satisfaction for the victim in the Eng run. Restorative justice cases also end up costing a lot less than cases which end w tit victims in prison due to high costs to run these facilities. After countless studies, tests a ND mathematical equations, the choice for the good of society is simple and it lies in restoring o offenders back into society rather than keeping them isolated.

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