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The concept of training ND coaching can be very hard to achieve since every person is different and one needs to find the commonality on people to achieve the ultimate goal of finishing a task or completing an assignment. You need to become an expert of what you are trying to pass on to other people so they can see you as a leader who will show them the way to succeed and at the same time, see you as a role model at the work place or/and their personal lives. Ethics and moral conduct play an important role when you are trying to instill the developer style in leadership among your teammates. The disadvantages of this approach, are that the deader gives up control over the process, has to tolerate followers’ moving in directions not necessarily consistent with the leaders’ desires, and they have to accept decisions made by followers that differ from his or her own” (Beck & Yeager. Chapter 5: The Leader as Developer. 2001). In other words, since the leader relies on his team to achieve the goals and tasks that were agreed upon, the leader might loose some personal control over his team members that may adjust or change the path to ultimately achieve their purpose.

However, the team members have been trained by the same leader who is giving full support or their decisions. Thus, a developer leader feels comfortable delegating duties and empowering team members to take the initiative by instilling a sense of belonging to the meaningful tasks and assignment they are given and by recognizing peak performances and correcting actions on those who need guidance. AAA. A There are differences that are interesting to evaluate when comparing my Developer leadership style to the Director and Problem Solver styles of the other two team members.

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For instance, the Director can sometimes portrait the image of a dictator and a patriarchal in which whatever direction the project r the assignment is going, it will totally decided by him or her. Moreover, the responsibility relies entirely on the Director and very limited input is taken from the team members. They also use a variety of guidelines and protocols that the team members have to adhere to in order to succeed in different projects. The Developer leadership style differs from that of the Director’s primarily on the team environment motion.

The leader uses delegation and empowerment of team members to carry and execute the job. Even though the ultimate responsibility will be on the Developer leader, still decisions and arguments are totally accepted from the team members. A great deal of training is involved to develop team members’ skills that will contribute to their performance. The other leadership style of Problem Solver has also a great deal of training involved for the team members oriented towards customer service.

The Developer leader focuses his or her training to team members to become more assertive and take the initiative to solve things rather than solving things for them. “A key aspect of the Problem Solver leadership style is that the leader retains control of the decision-making process. This is distinguished from the Developer leader approach, in which the leader supports team members’ decision making in a way that develops their future problem-solving capacity’ (Beck & Yeager, Chapter 4: The Leader a Problem Solver. 2001).

AAA By understanding the other leadership styles of my team members has helped me to become a more effective leader. For example, the problem solving style of leadership has showed me that I should also directly confront and solve a problem or a situation whether it is with a customer, patient or a fellow team member, as supposed to just delegating the responsibility to others. By doing this, I can serve as role model to others in solving difficult situations and incorporating that as part of the constant training that the team members receive at the company.

Another example is that the director leadership style has showed me to not totally give up the control over certain decisions that I should be making such as job tasks deadlines and not to tolerate unreasonable feedback or initiative of certain team members that jeopardize the job function of other team members. AAA. A The possible pitfalls that my team could face due to the differences in leadership Tyler are that the Director could engage in a strict decision making situation in which she will try to dictate the timeliness, content of the meetings, and job execution without making the other team members participate along the project.

Another possible pitfall could manifest by the Problem Solver leader who will try to take upon her the responsibility of putting things together with the project paper without interfering with other in order to avoid any type of argument or uncomfortable situation with the other team members. Most likely she will agree with the Director’s input which could create some friction with the other am members. In order to overcome these possible pitfalls the group members have to come to a realization that there are certain ways to avoid unnecessary situations.

One method is to have an optimal way of communication in which team members will have the opportunity to explain their point of views. This will be subject to a display of listening skills for all members of the group and respecting their opinions and inputs. Another way to avoid pitfalls will be a mutual cooperation. Group members should compromise and assist each other in order to carry on the different tasks to ultimately complete the given project. Each one of the members might have an idea that can contribute to perform better as a team and should not be only one who makes all the group’s decisions.

The last way to avoid pitfalls is to adhere to guidelines. Team members should follow the team contract and complete the tasks in the order given. Members need to avoid jumping ahead and accelerate the process when the other team members still working on the given timeline tasks. This could create a friction between the group members, and by waiting for everybody to finish the tasks and assisting the ones, who are falling behind, will avoid dysfunction within the roof.

AAA The leadership styles from my group’s team members have different trends to their management practices; however, there are also similarities to their styles that can be capitalized in order to increase productivity. For example, there are synergies created between the Director and the Problem Solver leaders where both styles will promptly have things done with a specific sense of direction. I could capitalize on their capabilities to avoid group distractions and focus on specific guidelines to achieve results as well as to following given timeliness to complete the different tasks.

Moreover, their expertise could be very valuable in solving different situations that may arise. Both of these styles can help me out by structuring my ideas and attention focus to execute the different tasks and projects. The other team style Developer leader can also add a significant approach to training and developing employees. Could become more efficient by having my team members and employees providing feedback more often and particularly by listening to them. Developers have the advantage to have developed a sense of trust within a group environment which ultimately can ring an increase in moral and productivity.

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