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These were not strong values for him personally, and he hoped that Jackie would bring a certain level of awareness to other employees, including him. Jackie came to work at Door Car Factory tit high hopes. She had been looking for a large organization where she could develop her long-term career goals, and she was encouraged by Doors interest in becoming a better “green” employer. She educated herself on the output of the factory and figured out four main ways to reduce harmful elements they were currently releasing into the atmosphere.

Jackass’s personal interest in recycling dated back to her grade school days when she tracked what happened to all the paper put in the trash pail in each classroom. After learning it ended up in the landfill along with all the other rubbish, Jackie implemented a school-wide recycle program. To this day, all “extra” paper or waste is put in a separate trash MGM 500 Organizational Behavior and Leadership – Syllabus Page 4 of 17 pail which is sent to a recycling factory and used to make reusable consumer goods. Jackie is proud of this point. Jackie throws herself into her work at Door Car Factory.

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Charlie is impressed with both her outstanding performance and how well she gets along with everyone. As Jackass’s one year anniversary with Door Car Factory approaches, she uncovers information showing several factory shipments of waste material being sold to another company. Quick research showed that this other many does not “properly’ dispose of these types of waste products. Jackie immediately approached her boss, Charlie, with the data and was taken aback when he shared with her the extra costs that ended up being involved with several of her “greener” approaches.

Disheartened, Jackie asked, “Is anything we committed to almost a year ago still in place? ” Charlie’s nonchalant response about the paper recycling program working in the outer offices was not enough of a reassurance for Jackie. That night at home, she contemplates her future with Door. She feels torn between her commitment to the company and her personal values of recycling. She wonders, if they have not been open about the actual, behind the scene steps with the recycling program, are there other business aspects that they are not being “open” about?

Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 2. Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers: 1. Discuss Jackass’s dilemma in terms of cognitive dissonance. 2. How could this new information on Doors actual recycling program affect Jackass’s perception of the company she works for? What impact could this have on her overall performance? Are her personal values around recycling strong enough to determine who she works for? 3. Do you think Jackie should ignore the company’s choice to recycle or not and Just keep doing her Job?

Is she willing to walk away from a good paying Coo Walt n Detent TTS- Are tenure toner employers won are Kelly to owe more open to recycling programs, and should she pursue opportunities with those companies? Please post both case studies in Assignment Drop Box as one MS Word document. Note: See template provided for case study papers. MGM 500 Organizational Behavior and Leadership – Syllabus Page 5 of 17 Lesson 2 Lesson 2 Learning Objectives After completing this Lesson, students should be able to: 0 State three key ideas from the Hawthorne Studies. 0 Explain McGregor Theory X and Theory Y. Explain Humans’ elements of a social system and how they are interrelated. 0 Discuss Arises’ Immaturity-Maturity Theory. 0 Explain Herrings Motivation-Hygiene Theory. 0 Explain the relationship between Herrings Theory and Mascots Theory. 0 Define leadership. 0 Describe and explain the Vision into Performance Model and the challenges leaders face moving through the model. Describe and explain the ACHIEVE model of performance. Describe the historical schools of organizational theory such as the scientific management movement and the human relations movement. 0 Discuss the trait approach to leadership.

Diagram and explain the Ohio State leadership model. 0 Diagram and explain the Michigan leadership model. 0 Describe Likelier leadership theory. 0 Discuss and diagram the leadership grid. 0 Discuss the question: Is there a best style of leadership? Lesson 2 Reading Assignment 0 Read Chapter 3: Motivating Environment 0 Read Chapter 4: Leadership: Trait and Attitudinal Approaches Lesson 2 Activity Discussion Questions. Please post in Discussion Forum: 1 . Are the motivation theories discussed in this chapter exclusive to the United States or are they more widespread?

What are the popular motivational theories in different countries? Are they the theories discussed in chapter 3 or are there other theories of motivation? How do these other theories, if any, compare to the traditional motivation theories? 2. Are there traits that have been identified with successful leaders? Do research in popular business periodicals and identify traits that seem to be associated with managerial success. Are these traits applicable in all situations? Can a person’s future success be redirected by knowing that person’s traits? Why or why not?

Lesson 2 Assignment Case Study Chapters 3 and 4 Chapter 3 – Lists Systems: The Employees’ Impact on the System One of the key reasons for Lists Systems’ early success and growth was the dedication and commitment of the employees. Employees worked hard to achieve the clear goals set by management. They were asked for their opinions regarding the direction in which Lists Systems was heading. Employees were engaged and felt empowered to make decisions regarding how and when the work got done. Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 3.

Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers: 1 . What theories and/or studies could be applied here to better understand what is motivating employees at Lists Systems? Chapter 4 – Lists Systems: The Challenge of a Growing Organization 0 Lists Systems’ VISION statement is: “To be recognized as a leader in supplying quality graphic design products and services to our customers and to be respected by our clients and staff. ” 0 Lists Systems’ MISSION statement Is. “We strive to develop superior grapnel eagles products Ana services Tort our users through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, teamwork, and leadership. ” Following their early success and growth, Lists hired a number of new managers and employees. In response to the expansion of staff, Lists reorganized by adding layers of supervisors and managers between executive management and line staff; however, growth occurred so rapidly that proper training was not provided to the MGM 500 Organizational Behavior and Leadership – Syllabus Page 6 of 17 new employees.

Management was less concerned with the employees’ opinions and was more focused on production and profit. Instead of enlisting employees’ opinions, ore directive orders were given. The change and increased complexity associated with adding new layers to the hierarchy resulted in the organization’s goals and objectives becoming unclear. Employees began to complain about the new bureaucratic processes and the slow pace of decision making. While the organization has been growing in size, productivity has slowed and quality has decreased.

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