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Vision, provides me with an assortment of venues in completing my course assignments. Question 3 (3 points) What version of Vision did you use for this lab? Used Vision 2010 to complete this lab. Question 4 (3 points) What file extension does your version of Vision use? Does Vision support other extensions? The file extension that Vision 2010 appends to a file is vs… Vision does support other extensions, such as BAD, VS.., VS.., VS.. And VT Question 5 (6 points: 3 points for each corrections and comment) Use this website (http://WV. Demonstrability’s. Com/index. PH? Z=l)to find a diagram that you think has good points. Paste a screen shot of the diagram in your lab report and explain why you think it is good. (3 points) You must include a detailed explanation to get credit for this portion of the question. Feel that the below network diagram is simple, but does clearly explain the decision of the servers, devices and type of cabling used to connect all devices. All devices are labeled and color code for easy troubleshooting.

Find another diagram from this site, or any other site, that you feel can be improved. Paste a screen shot in your lab report and explain what you think can be improved about the diagram. 3 points) You must include a detailed explanation to get credit for this portion of the question. The next network diagram which is listed below, in my opinion this network diagram is lacking the detail cabling information, and I also feel that it should have some sort of color code to better enhance the diagram.

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It is a simple diagram but lacking in detail information. Http://www. Debasements. Com/picture repost/IM ages/20100112182723_home _ network. Pang Question 6 (6 points) What websites did you use to find Vision icons for networking. Which sites were most useful to you? Which ones did you like best in terms of icons available? Did you find others? The websites that used as an initial start in obtain Vision icon stencils were the Cisco and Microsoft.

I found that this to site provide a good assortment of Vision stencils, but I feel that the Cisco site had more of a selection of router and switch stencils to choose from. Question 7 (6 points) What is the difference between a logical network diagram and a physical network diagram? (1 point) When would you use each type? (1 point) The difference is that physical network diagram depicts connectivity of each of your hosts n the network. It shows the physical layout of a network which includes the actual nodes, segments and hosts that appear on the actual layout.

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