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This is also sometimes called a management summary. In English reports it is found right at the beginning, even before the table of contents, and not at the end as in Dutch reports is customary. The executive summary should give a short and condensed account of the entire report. It should give some background information, define the problem, report on the analysis and give conclusions and recommendations. The executive summary: is meant for (external) readers to see if they wish to read the full report •summarises introduction, body, and conclusion clearly and concisely (no doubling) •provides the most important conclusion(s) •should be brief, the reader is interested in concrete findings Table Of Contents

This report has been made for the course English 3. 2 for The Hague University. The assignment was to do a taste test with the entire class. Our class contains 15 students. The product which was tested, was salt liquorice. There were five different brands of liquorice and they were tested at the University. Following this test a report has to be made. This report is made by two students at the The Hague University. Third year students at the Commercial Economy department. For the English course we have to do several assignments, for example writing sales letters, reading figures and facts and of course this taste test.

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This report will firstly consist of the introduction. In Chapter 2 we will be dealing with the analysis and the relevant findings. Chapter 3 deals with the SWOT-analysis of the different brands. And last but not least there will be conclusions and recommendations. Now we are going to explain what the exact purpose of the test and this report is. 1. 1Purpose of the test The purpose of the test is that you get a chance to verify the claims of manufacturers. Do we (consumers of liquorice) really taste the difference between various brands.

We have tested things like after taste, stickiness, saltiness and structure of the liquorice. Another purpose of this test is to see if everybody is capable of working together with a large group (15 people). The cooperation is very important for this test and must be smooth. 1. 2Thesis statement A thesis statement is always important in a report as well as for the test itself, because it is the red line of the whole Taste Test Plan. That is why we have chosen this particular thesis statement: What are the differences between the various brands?

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