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This assignment Is provided to you as a fill-able form to make It easy to complete and submit. 1 . After opening this document, Save to selected location on your computer. Make sure to include your name in the title (for example, LIP_Assignment_Smith). 2. Click inside a form field and type the required text. Be sure to complete all applicable fields on the form. The True/False section uses check boxes, simply click the checkbook that corresponds to your answer. 3. Proceed to the next field, press the Tab key or SE your mouse to click on the next form field. . Save your document again before closing, upload to assignment dropped. Word Part Challenge Define each word part correctly in the space provided: stony surgical creation of an opening 2. Through 3. Spatial/o rip, tear -trips surgical crushing 5. 11th/o stone 6. Retro- back 7. -pepsin condition of digestion 8. Vesicle/o sac, bladder 1 OFF meatloaf opening, passage 10. -cell hernia, swelling, protrusion Spelling Challenge These terms are spelled incorrectly. Spell each term correctly in the space provided: Heptagon Hepatica Participators Proscriptions Vulvas Volumes 4.

Stranglehold’s Gastrointestinal Hittable hernia Withal hernia Postoperatively Vocabularies Retroflexed Erythrocyte Pacific gravity Specific gravity 9. Renal Renal Peritoneal Peritoneal True/False 1 . Oscilloscope views the appendix. 2. Prospectors views the colon. 3. A twisting of the small intestine, that can cause severe complications, is called volumes. T F 4. BID is associated with ulcerative colitis and Crown’s disease. T F 5. Dysphasia often accompanies a sore throat, although its chronic form can be a sign of oral or pharyngeal cancer.

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T F 6. A systole is a stone, or calculus, in the urinary bladder. T F 7. The presence of pus in the urine is called proteins. 8. Reduced frequency of urination is known as nocturne. 9. Difficulty or pain experienced during urination is a symptom of a urinary tract disease often caused by a bacterial infection. T F 10. The presence of ketene bodies in the urine is a sign of a kidney disorder and is called hematite. Fill in the Blank Fill in the blanks with the correct medical terms from this chapter: 1 .

A disorder that is characterized by enfolding of a segment of intestine within another segment is called Introspection . 2. The procedure of suturing a lip is called Calligraphy . 3. The surgical procedure that involves an incision through the abdominal wall, often from the base of the sternum to the pubic bone, is called a(n) Inguinal hernia . 4. Surgical repair of the pylorus region of the stomach, which can include repair of the pyloric valve, is known as a(n) Polarity’s . 5. A drug that reduces the acidity of the stomach cavity is called a(n) Antacid . A combination of clinical lab tests that are performed on a urine specimen is called a(n) Urinalysis . 7. A(n) Catheter is a flexible tube that is inserted into an opening of the body to transport fluids in or out. 8. A congenital defect that results in the abnormal positioning of the urinary meat’s is known as Passivism . 9. A(n) Bowman’s capsule is a ball of specialized, tightly coiled capillaries within a kidney neoprene where renal filtration occurs. 10. In Incontinence , an involuntary discharge of urine occurs during a cough, sneeze, or strained movement.

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