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We have different scenarios that can be played for all ages and all skill levels from beginners to pros. Week 6 Job Fair Brochure Assignment Having a business takes a lot of research and responsibility, not just for the way you want to have your business, how you want your business ran by yourself, management, employees, and any one else you hire for other reasons. The structure of the business includes the owners/hr and accountant, management, employees. As for the owners, we want to have a positive environment so that way everyone is happy to be there and ready to ork.

The owners want the management to keep things flowing and making sure that everyone gets what they need to have the day of the business running smoothly. Keeping the schedule organized, with the proper amount of employees so that everyone is getting their breaks on time and getting off at their scheduled time. Also making sure that the inventory for the month is kept up so that we can provide the services that our customers are expecting out of us. Because ifwe are short employees or product then not only will the mployees not be happy but the customers won’t be either.

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It’s important to keep everyone positive because then your business will grow along with having more employees. If things aren’t organized and stocked like they should be then no one will be happy because they won’t be able to find anything or be able to help the customers properly without getting frustrated. One of the ways to keep everything running smoothly is to make sure that the back storage area has extra product or anything that the employees need to keep everything happy and peaceful.

If there is not something on the floor that a customer is looking for than the employee can go to the back to see if it is in stock, if there is a paintball marker that is broken or gets broken during a match then there is an option to fix it or to get a new one. If there is an employee that is having a bad day and taking it out on everyone including the customers than give them the option to go cool down and come talk to the management or the owners or someone that they trust to help them turn their negative attitude and issues around into something positive.

Having a calming, positive and fun environment and not a negative one then customers will want to come back. It is important for the managers and owners to keep and eye on the transactions at the end of the day to make sure every one is accounted for, so that there is less of a chance for mistakes. If there is a mistake then it is important to find out where that mistake was made, that way it can be fixed right away so that the books do not get to messed up before they have to be redone.

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