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Explain why the objection does or does not succeed. The paper is due on Thursday, July 24, by am (i. E. , by the start of class on that day). Please submit the paper via email (Alex. [email protected] Dude), either in Word document or PDF format. A hard copy is not required. Further description of the assignment: – Regarding part ‘a’: You should feel free to present a reading differently than did in class. Regardless, always be sure to explain things in your own words, even when quoting from a reading or a handout.

Also note that the purpose of the assignment is for you to defend a philosophical thesis?in this case, to evaluate one of our readings. This does require explaining that reading to some extent (hence part ‘a’), but most of your time should be spent on parts ‘b’ and ‘c’. – Regarding part ‘b’: Presenting what you take to be the strongest objection requires explaining why you think that objection is strong. In other words, you want to drive home the force of the objection, whether or not you agree with t.

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Also, while you might find multiple objections worthwhile, just focus on the one that you regard as the strongest. – Regarding part ‘c’: If you think that the objection does not succeed, you should explain in some detail where you think it goes wrong. While you might think that it goes wrong in multiple ways, focus on the one or two ways that are most important. If you think that the objection does succeed, then consider an especially strong reason for thinking that the objection does not succeed, and explain why the objection stands nonetheless.

Here as well, you want to explain the force of the opposing position, and zero- in on the most important reasons(s) that it is mistaken. – Nothing else should be included in your paper. Or put positively, everything in your paper should serve the purpose of defending your thesis. – Due to limitations of space, you will even have to omit points which you think provide further support for your thesis. Don’t worry about this.

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