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This course is designed to acquaint students with the fundamentals of public speaking, organizational skills, social awareness, and critical thinking will be taught and used In class to Improve listening and speaking skills In all forms of communication. Through practice, interactive exercises, and class lectures, students will learn the importance of clear communication in all aspects of their professional and private lives. Group speech preparation, development of introductions and conclusions, as well as the ability to present a dynamic presentation will be the focus of this class.

Required Text: Guide to Public Speaking by Lisa A. Ford-Brown My Gateway: Course material, class announcements and grades will be available for viewing at My Gateway. Course Requirements / Expectations: 1 . Attendance Is mandatory. Tardiness Is not acceptable. Tardiness Is counted as absence after the fourth occurrence. As responsible adults, you are expected to keep your commitment to be on time and attend class for the full time. THERE WILL BE A SIGN-IN SHEET FOR EACH CLASS. Attendance essential ;n an interactive, performance class. You are expected to have read each assigned chapter BEFORE the lass meeting.

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In order to succeed, you will need to remain current In ALL readings whether they are discussed In class that day or not, you need to complete speech assignments and attend ALL class sessions. Rather than a traditional lecture format, class time will be spent in collaborative learning activities, delivering and evaluating speeches and individualized diagnosis and repair of your public speaking needs. If a student misses more than 4 classes in a semester, he/she will lose 100 attendance points resulting in a maximum earned class grade in the “B” range. Bonus points are even for perfect attendance. 2.

Each student is expected to be prepared to discuss the assigned text and to participate with class discussions and assignments. 3. One “how to,” one introductory, one informative, one persuasive, one ceremonial and one presidential with a team. 4. Each student will attend a speech given outside of class and write a critique of that speech. 5. Each student should be prepared for a quiz on assigned text materials and previous class discussions. 6. Intentionally disrupting class or a classmate’s speech will result in lowering the attendance grade. If disruptive behavior continues, the student will be expelled from class with a failing grade.

Students are expected to act as adults in a business / learning environment. Disruptions include, but are not limited to: Coming to class late and being noisy when entering, doing homework during class, having a computer open in class, cell phone usage during class (this includes incoming calls – TURN IT OFF), not showing respect for the instructor or fellow students. If you arrive late and a speech is in progress, wait outside the door until the speech is completed. 7. Outlines are required for our of the seven speeches. The “how to” speech does not need an outline, but a visual aid is recommended.

The impromptu is given on a subject you will choose in class from a list provided by the professor. Your initial introductory speech will also have no outline. All others that earn 100 points or more will need an outline … Handing in a printed Powering slide presentation will be counted as an outline. Bibliographies are needed with outlines. Outlines may be submitted prior to giving the speech via e-mail using Word formatting or must be handed in the day of the speech BEFORE the speech is given. Five points will be deducted if outlines are not turned in before the speech is given. . The four speeches that require outlines will also require a bibliography of three sources, documented PAP style. PAP will be discussed in a class lecture and it can be found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. 9. All speeches will be delivered in a conversational style from outlines or note cards. No speeches will be read. 10. Persuasive, Informative, Ceremonial, and Presidential speeches will require visual aids. Visual aid preparation, usage and etiquette will be discussed in class. 11. Speech topics must be approved prior to presentation.

The instructor reserves the right to refuse duplicate speech topics or those considered ethically or morally inappropriate. Speech topics cannot be changed without the instructor’s permission. 12. ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL IN THOUGHT, CONTENT, AND DELIVERY. Academic honesty is fundamental to the mission of the university and your reputation. Plagiarism is cheating and will not be tolerated. Students must inform the audience at all times when a source is being used as a quote, paraphrase, or analysis. For SIMMS policy on academic honesty, see the student handbook. 3.

Sign up sheets will be available one to two weeks before speeches are due. If a student is NOT READY to give a speech at his/her assigned time, 5 points will be deducted from the score for EACH TIME the student is NOT PREPARED. Obviously, this will greatly affect the overall grade for the speech. SPEECH TYPES: You will be required to give seven speeches in this course. Introductory/Life Change Speech: Give basic information about yourself as an uniqueness of who you’ve become. (4-6 minutes) Example: Something about culture, family, special experiences, tragedies or passions – a real statement about you.

How to” Speech: Give a speech to tell the class how to do something. This speech is presented in “2nd person. ” This means the audience will be expected to be able to do whatever is being presented to them. Visual aids are strongly recommended for this speech. (4-6 minutes. ) Impromptu Speech: In the “real” world, you may be an expert in some field. At any time, you may be called upon by a boss, client, friend, etc. , to talk about your knowledge of this subject. You will be required to deliver this kind of speech during class. A list of topics will be presented the day of the speech.

You are to find a topic n which you would be considered an expert and then present this topic. (4-6 minutes) Informative Speech: You are to give a speech on new information. The purpose is to enhance the audience’s knowledge about the subject and give YOU a chance to research something new. Gaining and holding the audience’s attention is essential. Visual aids MUST be used. (4-6 minutes) Persuasive Speech: This speech should be one that shows opposing points of view, presents information to persuade an audience to change their way of thinking, think about something new or to reinforce an already agreed upon solution.

More than one point of view MUST be presented. Visual aid is required. (4-6 minutes) Special Occasion, Commemorative, or Ceremonial Speech: This speech should be one of tribute, inspiration or celebration. The purpose is to increase the audience’s good will and respect toward your subject. It can praise an event, a person, a social group, an institution or profession. Visual aids MUST be used. (4-6 minutes) Presidential / Group: This speech is a group project. The instructor assigns groups early in the semester. This speech will present a topic of presidential proportions.

Presentation styles will be discussed in class but each group member MUST be a presenter. Visual aids MUST be used. Minutes) Throughout the semester, each group will have opportunities to meet in class when time is available. During this time, the group will also have the opportunity to narrow down its topic for the Group Presentation. It should be a topic that can easily fit into the process defined in the Reflective Thinking Method. 1. Define the problem 2. Analyze the problem (research) 3. Establish criteria for solving the problem (more research based on previous research) 4.

Generate potential solutions (pros and con viewpoints) 5. Select the best solution as determined by the group based on the research and present to the class current events issue. This project requires research by each group member at meetings outside of class. The group must do original research of its own, not Just information from known sources. Research may be in the form of a viable survey (to be discussed in class), face-to-face interviews or other traditional methods. This research with all other research MUST be documented in your bibliography.

All team members receive the same grade for this project; however, each group ember has the opportunity to evaluate his/her team members after the presentation, which could affect the grade of someone who did not participate in the project. A Team Charter with consequences of nonparticipating will be drawn up and agreed upon by all team members as soon as teams are formed so everyone knows the results of his/her actions. The main speech text and outline with sources are to be presented to the instructor BEFORE the presentation with the names of all team members.

You may use a professional speaking engagement, a eulogy or other church sermon, etc. The written assignment should be 2. To 4 pages, double-spaced and written clearly and concisely. Use standard 1″ margins and standard fonts such as Times or Arial 12 apt. Give full details of who gave the speech, when and where the speech took place. Guest speakers in other classes are acceptable but not other instructor’s lectures. Speeches given in this class are NOT acceptable for critique, nor are the speeches shown in class. The due date for this assignment is Wednesday, March 20, 2013.

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