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Speech Type Mall Points Sub Points/Support Evidence Style of Speech/Delivery Language Delivery Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream Speech provides you an opportunity to use “Critical Thinking” In analyzing the dynamics of the speech and what makes for an outstanding speech. Milk’s Dream speech Is one of the top 5 speeches In the History of speech making. You may do this assignment in essay form or in billeted form focusing on the above items. In referencing each Item, please provide supportive Information from the speech Itself.

More support, means more clarity In your analysis Theme: what is the overall theme or essence of the speech, in other words, what was the speech about in one word. If you can identify it in one word you’re really keyed in and focused. Speech Type: the speech was one of the three mall types of speech we’ve already identified in class, do you remember the memory aid ;P. I. E which one was it, it was not all of them, it was Just one of them. Main Points: All speeches have main points, depending on the length of the speech some will have more main points than others, this speech had three main points, identify them. Hint, look for the amount of times certain words or points were repeated). Sub points: All main points have a sub point- a statement or information that supports that main point or info that expands on that main point, creating a broader theme or statement or point of that point. Listen for the Main point, the sub point or evidence that broadens the main point usually follow immediately. Points, there were many types used in the speech, identify as many as you can and indicate what main points they support.

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Style of Speech: was the speech delivered like a sermon or a rap essay, loudly or botfly, flash back or flash forward….??? How did MILK try to reach and engage the audience with his style. The style is what creates rhythm to speaking or walking or dancing etc etc. Language: what type of language was used in the speech- here are some elements to ponder- metaphors; alliterations; anaphora; reifications; comparisons; concrete language; analogies; repetition; examples; similes Delivery: what was Milk’s delivery like? Was it preachy, boring; passionate; dispassionate; laborious; biblical; moving; deliberate; poetic or a combination.

You must give examples of whatever you decide it is. The delivery is on the HOW the points were given, this goes beyond the type of delivery, such as impromptu, memory, manuscript and extemporaneous (a combination of memory & manuscript). Note: Language, style and delivery are closely tied together and often times you cannot speak of one and not reference the other. This will be graded, the weight is about 5 points. Give it a shot, don’t worry too much if you cannot identify all requested. This should not be more than about 2 to 2 h pages.

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