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You will look at how the promotional aspects have been transformed, how product development has been speeded up and even how new products have resulted from the existence of the internet itself. You will also learn how information can be used to enable a better match between the customer and the product. Internet marketing, therefore, is about using the internet in achieving marketing success rather than being about the technology itself. As customers demand more from digital technologies, the technologists themselves are Integrating functions and making It easier for more customers to take part.

This Is a trend that marketers can use to their advantage. There are challenges associated with this Increased access to information, not only for the business but also for customers and competitors, and these are examined. Learners will have the opportunity to investigate the role of CIT in the marketing activities of a selected organization. Learning Outcomes On completion of this unit you should: 1. Know what role Internet marketing has within a modern marketing context 2. Understand the benefits of Internet marketing to customers 3. Understand the opportunities offered to business by Internet marketing 4. Deterred the challenges faced by business using internet marketing Performance Individual work. Delivery of Work Report; individually work. Method of work Book, Internet and additional interview Scenario In unit 36 you have to start your own small business. To make your business successful you have to Integrate Internet marketing In the business stateless nowadays. Without a good internet presence, an organization is doomed to be internet. In unit 3 you learned a lot about marketing so the fundamental knowledge is in you black box. Before you can start online activities, you should know how other genuineness are dealing with this.

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As a future entrepreneur you want to investigate how the marketing of an organization is affected by going online. This investigation will provide a good insight into the digital world of marketing. You have to select two organizations as an example. One organization should be a organization that developed online marketing next to their traditional physical activities. The other organization should be a purely web based organization. Both must be in the same level of business; either Boot or Boot. By following the sequence and content of the

TASKS you will be able to produce your report proofing you met the criteria required and understand the role and position of internet marketing in nowadays business. The use of practical examples can be very useful for both your learning outcome and you report. Tasks Task 1: Internet Marketing (Covers Pl and UP) Pl : Describe the role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context Pay attention to: a. The increased integration of the marketing mix (ups) to the extended marketing mix (ups). How was/is it for the organizations you have chosen? What was the role of internet marketing in this development? B.

How does the internet provide opportunities for business-customer dialogue and how does an organization build a relationships its customers? (social media, newsletters, etc) c. How can the use of internet help businesses to expand into new environments/markets? D. Segmenting and targeting online- differences with traditional targeting. E. Increased use of direct marketing. UP: Describe how selected organizations use internet marketing Mention what organizations you selected and what type of business they are. Emphasis the main difference between both You are to take a close look at the websites of the organizations.

In which ways are these organizations developing their marketing effort online? What are they putting into practice? Explain how the selected businesses use internet marketing. You should give real examples of what both businesses are marketing online. You could include pictures or other visual material into you report. Consider the following a. How are they using online promotion? What are they promoting online and what methods are they using? (use of search engines, social media and banners etc ) b. How are they trying to build one-on-one relationships with their online presence? C.

In what ways are they trying to achieve customer confidence to purchases online? D. Use of social media like Face book and Twitter by the businesses. Task 2: Benefits to customers (Covers UP and MI) UP: Explain the benefits to customers of a business using internet marketing Choose one of selected organizations. Explain how the customers of the selected organization benefit from the business’ online activities. A mind map can be helpful. Issues could be: a. Customer benefits Comparing/selecting providers Up-to-date product information b. Pricing c. Response time d. Customer service You have to give real information about the above topics.

Try to show the customer the benefits of the organization by giving examples from their website or by using pictures from the website. MI: Analyses the benefits of internet marketing to consumers For this task you should use all the information you have gathered until now. Especially the benefits which are explained in UP will form the basis for your analysis. Analyses why the customers chooses to buy from this supplier. Task 3: Benefits to the organization (Covers UP) Internet marketing creates a lot of opportunities for a business. Businesses going inline have a lot of opportunities they could benefit from.

In this task you have to find out what these opportunities for an organization can be when they start online activities. Marketing within the marketing mix of a selected business. (pack De tradiditoneleorginistatie, Uzi]hypoallergenic en Jansen. ) Build on the organization you have selected previously and find out what the benefits and opportunities of using online activities are for this organization. Explain how these benefits helped the business to change the marketing mix. Consider the following points: Opportunities to access customers and markets . B. Opportunities to improve availability Opportunities for business efficiency d.

Search engines Promotion on websites and links e. . How did these benefits help the business to change the marketing mix Task 4: Changes of going online (Covers UP and UP MM and ODL) Businesses have faced changes in the process of going online. In the previous task you have seen the benefits of having an online presence. There are a lot of benefits of having an online presence, but it also means that the organization has to make changes in its business operations. In this task you will have to investigate what hinges have been made by a selected business and whether these were successful.

AS: Explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful. (Pack die modernizing die door girded is van De authoritativeness De neurotransmitter. ) Find out whether the online presence has made the selected business more efficient, effective and successful. How could the use of internet make a business work more efficiently and effective? Do these changes really help the business to be successful? Consider the following: a. Managing supply chain- disintermediation b. Staff cost . Securing payments d. Providing up-to-?date product information to the customer e.

Monitoring competitors f. Opening hours g. Other changes that made the organization more successful. Make sure you apply the selected business within your report. You should show examples of how using internet made the organization more efficient, effective and successful. UP: Explain the challenges of globalization facing a selected business when using the internet as a marketing tool. In this P you have to investigate what globalization challenges your selected business had to/ has to face when going online. The Internet is a big world you can easily enter, but there are also a lot of challenges the organizations have to face.

A business should response effectively to survive the challenges of globalization on the internet. Explain what challenges the clandestineness is facing. Consider following topics: a. Managing overload of market feedback b. Meeting higher customer expectations c. Technological challenges d. Maximum exposure to internet service providers (ISP) e. Cultural differences f. Lower customer confidence g. Other globalization related challenges Note that it’s not Just a general explanation of the challenges, but that they apply to he selected business.

Try to use examples that are about the selected business to explain the topics that are mentioned. MM: Analyses the marketing opportunities and challenges faced by a selected business when using internet marketing. In this task you are asked to analyses how internet marketing has created new business opportunities and has presented new challenges for your selected business. Analyzing means a detailed study, logically build up by writing about the opportunities and challenges faced, how they are related to each other and how they created new business opportunities. Include profitability.

ODL : Evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing in meeting customer needs for a selected business In this assignment you should evaluate the performance of a selected businesses. This businesses has integrated the internet in its marketing strategy. So you should use a business that has worked with internet for years. You are asked to evaluate how the performance of the selected businesses may be improved through integrating internet marketing into their overall marketing strategies, despite the challenges encountered. This evaluation will explore the reminisces, benefits, opportunities and challenges of internet marketing.

Finally, you should weigh up the challenges of facing internet against the opportunities through internet before you come up with an own point of view of the integration of marketing. Include long term survival. Instructions for BITE work This section gives useful tips and guidelines to enable you to get a better result from your task work and to work more effectively towards a good grade for your BITE report. Structure and layout ; For each assignment, follow the structure that is detailed in the assignment description. Content Keep your content concise and to-the-point.

Writing many pages of text does not automatically result in a good grade! ; The most important consideration when grading your work, is that you show that you truly understand the theory and that you can apply it to the selected companies. ;The second grading consideration is that you show that you have sufficient depth of knowledge and understanding. This means that your work should not be too brief either. External sources Always provide the exact source (URL or literature reference). ; Always give a description, summary or conclusion using your own words. It is K to copy small amounts of text from an external source into your work, but you should still give a description, summary or conclusion using your own words. ; Do not copy large amounts of content from an external source into your work. You should Just provide the URL and give a description, summary or conclusion using your own words. Plagiarism/fraud Using content from external sources and passing this off as your own work (by not quoting the source) is not allowed and will result in a “U” (Unacceptable) grade. ; Copying material from other students is never allowed.

If two or more students have he same content in their work, they will all receive a “U” (Unacceptable) grade. Items in your report Make sure that you include the following items at the front of your printed report: ;A front page with the number/title of the unit, your name, team number and the hand- in date. ; A table of content with a page number for each assignment. ; Copies of the assignment briefs of all the assignment briefs that you have made. The assignment briefs can be found in this booklet. ; All written feedback, if you received this (you do not need to include feedback that you received by email).

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