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Age of the Ocean Crust Please note: The Internet problems are designed to be completed Individually; however you may discuss difficult questions in Open Discussion. You should read the information found at the website and answer in your own words. I remind you that cutting and pasting answers directly from a website is consider plagiarism, and you will receive a O (zero) on the assignment.

If you choose to submit your answers in an attached file, please do so in . RTF, -PDF or . Doc file format. Please keep digital copies (back-ups) of all your submitted work. In the unlikely, but possible, Instance that your hard work Is “lost In digital space”, you can resubmit the assignment without having to redo it!! Internet Problem 1: The Age of the Ocean Floor Age Log-in to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website and answer the questions below.

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NOAA : http://www. NCSC. NOAA. Gob/MGM/llama/Horticulturalist. GIF Remember the water in the ocean has been collecting for 4 billion years old, and the ocean floor Is much younger. A few hints: This Is a three-dimensional relief map of the ocean floor showing the age f the oceanic crust at different locations. The key for the color scales is found along the bottom of the map. If you click on the map it will zoom in. To learn more about how these maps are made and Interpreted go to: http://www. CPM. Berkeley. Deed/ tectonics/Atlanta_HTML Questions: 1) How old Is the oldest oceanic crust In the: Indian Ocean: Atlantic Ocean: Pacific Ocean: 2) How old Is the oceanic crust that is found along the coastline of Northern California? 3) In the Pacific Ocean, where is the oldest oceanic crust located (generally)? 5) Describe, in general terms the distribution of youngest and oldest crust in the Pacific Ocean Basin. 6) Look the Atlantic Ocean Basin and compare it to the Pacific.

Specifically look at the oldest / youngest oceanic crust patterns. Are these ocean basins alike or different; could they be both? Explain and be specific. 7) How does this map of the age of the oceanic crust support the Theory of Plate Tectonics? 8-9) Can you draw a correlation between the different topographic features you would expect to find on the ocean floor, and the age of crystal material (rock)? Explain your reasoning: 10) List several other “lines of evidence” that support the Plate Tectonics Theory?

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