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It Is quite an Interesting time to study macroeconomics! This principles level macroeconomics course begins with a foundation of microeconomic principles and the model of supply and demand. We then move to macroeconomic topics such as national income, saving and investment, prices and inflation, and government monetary and fiscal policy in response to business cycles. The topics and methods we cover in this class should give you a better understanding of what’s happening in the real world with budget deficits, the national debt, unemployment and government “stimulus” policies.

It will also prepare you for other macroeconomic intensive upper level courses such as intermediate macroeconomics, money and banking, and economic development. Course Goals My objective In this course Is to lay out the fundamental theories and methodologies of macroeconomics to you. I will strive toward Interactive lectures, Including discussion and problems. I expect you to speak up and contribute to class discussions and to notify me (hopefully during class, but at least afterwards) if things aren’t clear.

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Homework sets and exams will reinforce and assess the learning process. Your objective should be to develop a sufficient understanding of these agronomic principles, and also the ability to apply this thinking to various problems, both familiar and unfamiliar. This course should prepare you to think like a Junior economist (A macroeconomics, anyway). Classroom: My goal is to have a positive classroom environment where everyone can learn. Please do not do anything that would distract the other students or me.

This includes talking on the phone, playing on laptops, or anything else that good Judgment dictates that you shouldn’t do. I may take points away from your proclamation grade If you disrupt class as described above. Besides that, make sure o bring a calculator to class. Text: N. Gregory Manama, Brief Principles of Macroeconomics (e), South-Western Coinage Learning, 2012, ISBN 978+538-45307-3. This semester we will use an online homework package called Sapling Learning.

To register, follow the instructions on Blackboard. You will be given a two week grace period to pay. Price: $ 41. 99 Web: The Blackboard website will be my primary source of communication and exchange of information outside of class. Lecture Slides: I will post incomplete lecture slides on Blackboard. We will fill them in during the lecture. Please print the slides and bring them to class. Assessment Your grade in this course will be determined by homework assignments, two interim exams, and a final exam.

The weights of these categories will be as follows: Homework Attendance/Participation each (40% total) Interim Exams FINAL Exam Homework assignments will be due by the end of the Sunday following the completion of each chapter. Also, details pertaining to the homework will be available on Sapling Learning. Late homework assignments will not be accepted, and will receive a zero. There will be no dropped homework assignments. Exams The interim exams (multiple choice) will cover only the material presented in each of hose sections of the course.

The final exam (also multiple choice) will be comprehensive. We will discuss the final exam in greater detail as we near the end of the semester. Do not make travel arrangements until after the final exam schedule is released! Exam Dates and Compensation Days Our two interim exams will be held on the following days: Intern-n Exam 1 – Moon 2/24 LET 116 Interim Exam 2 – Wed 4/16 ELL T 116 8:pm-9:pm In order to compensate for the “extra” time spent on these evening exams, we will not meet for class on two occasions during the semester.

These dates will be determined later in the course. Exam Makeup Policy If you must miss an exam because of participation in a university sponsored trip or activity (documented by a club or team sponsor), an off campus interview (documented by the firm with whom you are interviewing), or because of a conflict with another exam (documented by the instructor of that class), please let me know at least one week before the scheduled exam. We will make arrangements for you to take a multiple choice makeup exam before the regularly scheduled exam takes place.

If you must miss an interim exam due to illness (documented by a physician) r a death in the family, the weight of the missed exam will be added to your final exam. Notify me within 24 hours of the missed exam, including the appropriate documentation. If you miss the final exam for such reasons, you will take an essay exam. Grades I will employ a traditional grading scale to assess final grades. For your benefit, these 90% 80% 70% 60% Lowest A Lowest B Lowest C Lowest D Below I reserve the right to curve exams and final grades on a class-wide basis as I see fit.

Valuable Advice Economics does not lend itself to memorization. I can’t tell you how many of my roomer students have stumbled because they tried to memorize material for the exams. You need to develop an understanding of this material, and be able to apply it to unfamiliar problems. The best way to develop an understanding of the concepts in this course is to keep current with your readings, attend class regularly, and feel free to speak up in class when something isn’t clear. I know the class is large, but I will do my best to assist you.

Otherwise, we have ample office hours and other resources to facilitate your learning this semester. Special Accommodations I have a duty to treat each of my students fairly and equally. For that reason, no special treatment will be given to anyone regardless of sex, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, graduation status, Greek affiliation, student athlete, academic probation, travel plans, etc. You will all be treated objectively, fairly and equally. Of course the one caveat to this is students with disabilities.

If you have a disability and require special accommodations, you should contact the Disability Resource Center at 765. 494. 1247. Please discretely identify yourself during the first week of class and I will be sure to make the appropriate accommodations for you. Academic Integrity I have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. If you haven’t already done so, you should familiarize yourself with Purdue’s statement on academic integrity and what Purdue defines academic dishonesty.

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