Blinds to Go Case Study Assignment

Blinds to Go Case Study Assignment Words: 356

Blinds to Go: -Income -Fixed Costs -Variable costs per unit -Cost of Goods Sold -How to improve sales -How to increase manufacturing speed and production -Constraints: sales, painting, packaging A. Individual Participation The most valuable information provided by this course may well come from participation in class; regular participation, therefore is expected. Although attendance is highly encouraged, we recognize that not all students are able to attend each class session. It is the responsibility of each student to notify me of any upcoming absences and makeup any missed subject matter, case studies, videotapes, and assignments.

B. Written Work Unless otherwise indicated during class, all homework (including case studies) will be typed, double-spaced, on white 8 ? x 11 papers, using BLACK ink. Margins will not be less than 1″ left and right, not more than 1″ top and bottom. Items submitted are expected to be of graduate quality, language, and depth. NO FOLDERS WILL BE USED. Written work will be submitted ( a cover sheet is not necessary) with student name, course number, title of work, date, etc. and stapled at the upper left hand corner.

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Points may be deducted for poor grammar, spelling, and appearance. C. Reading Assignments Reading assignments are provided in part VI of this syllabus. In addition, occasional additional readings may be assigned in class. Students are expected to be familiar with materials/assignments prior to discussion periods as scheduled. D. Take Home/Mock Comp Exam There will be one open-book, open notes take home examination. It will consist of a case that will be handed out the week before the exam due date.

For those students who will be taking the comprehensive exam, the exam may be taken as a “mock comp” exam. In this case your exam will follow the format of the MS Management and Leadership Comprehensive exam. Make-up examinations are given under rare circumstances and only with good, well documented excuses. Make-ups will all essay and/or case analysis and are designed to last approximately two-three hours. They are usually more difficult as examinations are given only once toward the end of the semester. E. Leadership Case Project

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