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Essay identifies a prime example of a key concept, principle, or diversity suggestion; exhibits an in- depth understanding of the text/ readings. 2. Give a complete and accurate referenced definition or explanation for the key, principle or suggestion in #1. No essay submitted. Essay fails to give any definition or explanation. Essay submitted but lacks adequate definition or explanation. Definition or explanation is adequate, but lacks relevant aspects; reference missing or is not complete. Definition or explanation is mostly complete and generally referenced.

Definition or explanation is among the best possible, with complete terms and accurately referenced. References in analysis. 3. Describes cross-cultural principles from readings or original experience that relate to key course concepts, or No essay submitted. Essay fails to adequately describe an appropriate cross- cultural situation. Essay fails to adequately describe an appropriate cross- cultural situation. Essay adequately describes an appropriate cross- cultural situation. Essay adequately describes an appropriate cross- cultural situation, with well constructed, complete descriptions and explanations.

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Essay adequately describes an appropriate cross- cultural situation with detail and insight that is very relevant to the topic. 4. Explain how the cross- cultural relations are defined by the key course concepts, with fresh insight and original/critical thinking. No essay submitted. Essay fails in any way to adequately attempt to relate concepts to cross- cultural communication. Essay fails to adequately relate cross-cultural communication to euros concepts or diversity principles. Essay attempts and partially succeeds in relating cross- cultural concepts or applications.

Essay relates diversity to concept or applications with thoughtful connections and discussions. Essay relates culture to concept or principle/suggests on demonstrates understanding and insight for the relationship of the reading to the cross-cultural situation. 5. Appropriate style, organization and length as defined in the assignment. Excellent organization, vocabulary, and grammar. No essay submitted. Essay consistently fails to use proper formatting and style. Length is not appropriate. Poor grammar. Shows no real grasp of course concepts..

Essay frequently fails to use proper organization, grammar and vocabulary. Length is not appropriate: overly long without substance or too short without understanding. Essay uses proper vocabulary and accuracy 80%+ of the time. Length is somewhat appropriate. Essay consistently uses proper formatting and style, but minor errors in paragraphs. Length, grammar appropriate. Generally on- topic.

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