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CRM Assignment Flippant Sales Campaigns of Flippant Flippant as a brand has built a strong association with kids in its campaigns. The TV’s feature kids in adult situations (and with adult voiceless). The idea of using kids stemmed from the fact that no one trusts like children. It also signifies that shopping in Flippant is very simple that even a kid can do it. The use of children is more from a brand identity perspective, not to mention they make the commercials all the more interesting.

Research insights for the Campaign Flippant found that there were two categories of people ) Those who were already transacting online for tickets on sites like ARCTIC and travel sites, but were not shopping for physical goods. B) Offline shoppers – people who were skeptical about transacting online itself. They found the common thread between them to be lack of trust, and both groups had common fears: a) Fear of losing their money by having to pay upfront. B) Unsure about quality of products and their warranties. ) Fear of not having a place to replace / exchange a product in the event of a problem, if any. Flippant used the above research insights as the core element f their campaigns and conveyed messages that would eliminate the fear of online shopping among people. Flippant already had the solutions to the above problems in place, i. E. Multiple payment options (including cash on delivery), easy replacement policy, and the fact that they only dealt in original products that came with original warranties. Their first campaign was No Kidding. No Worries. – Flippant. Com which was launched in August, 2011.

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The main aim was to convince people that it was safe and hassle-free to shop at flippant. Com. In short, build trust for the brand. They had to voice the concerns in the minds of the consumers. So they chose a classic question / answer format that allowed people to recognize their own fears in every piece of communication. Since they wanted to build trust, they decided to do the Ads with kids, as they are the only ones who trust unconditionally. They decided to get the kids to behave like adults and gave them adult voices, which took the experience of watching the commercials to another level.

They wanted to tell everyone after every piece of communication that there was no need to have any fear when it comes to shopping on Flippant. Com. No kidding. No worries. Media vehicles chosen were TV, Print, Outdoor, Digital. The campaign definitely did justice to the brief. It definitely helped people to watch the communication repeatedly, to the point that they not only recalled everything that Flippant was trying to communicate but also the dialogues from everyone in the films. The kids acting like adults and speaking in adult voices definitely made the campaign stand out.

The little touches of subtle humor only added to repeat value in viewers. The campaign was appreciated without prejudice by consumers, marketers and industry peers alike. The commercials went on to become a viral success, and crossed a million views on Youth alone within two weeks. The campaign featured among the five most recalled campaigns of the festive season. It also featured in the most recalled campaigns of 2011 in polls conducted by Financial Express, Business Line, Fast, Campaign India and FEM., among others. Results: 1 . The website traffic, orders and revenue all doubled post the campaign.

In August Flippant was clocking RSI 30 car/month. By the end of the campaign they clocked in excess of RSI 60 car each month. 2. Website traffic jumped to 100 lack visits per month and 1000 lack page views. 3. The campaign was skewed towards the new electronics categories whose contribution went up from 40 percent o 60 percent in the two months of the campaign. When Flippant. Com made its foray into the fashion and lifestyle category in March 2013, to communicate this, the brand has launched a campaign themed ‘Fashion has a new address’ in May 2013.

This campaign stresses on the fact that Flippant is a serious player in the fashion space with the largest collection of branded merchandise in one place. In one of the TV’s, the kids are shown dressed formally and waiting for a colleague to start a meeting in office. The boy who walks in is dressed in a yellow tracksuit with yellow and black sunglasses. This leaves the others speechless ND even attracts the admiring gaze of his female colleague. The film ends with a super that reads ‘Fashion has a new address’ and introduces Flatcar’s latest offerings.

Flippant had released teasers on television and social media a week prior to the launch of the campaign. Without using the logo or the name of the brand, these short films ended with the message, ‘Fashion has a new address’. A contest was also conducted on Faceable from an anonymous page announcing daily prizes for people who could guess which brand was behind the advertising. Flippant. Com came out with another campaign titled ‘India Wants to Know’ in August 2013.

The campaign created by Happy Creative Services aimed to educate consumers about the benefits, ease and convenience of shopping on Flippant. Com, using the ‘kids as adults’ theme. It drew inspiration from Arena Swami’s (Editor-in-Chief and News anchor, Times Now) famous TV debate, The Newshound. The campaign was running a teaser “ABA sirs shopping nah Flippant Kara”, which tried to position Flippant as a synonym for convenience led online shopping. The campaign was comprised of four AD films. While one film provides an overall idea of the advantage of shopping on Flippant. M, the other three are intended to address specific service benefits that the brand offers: wide selection of brands, best prices, and easy and free replacement. This campaign is a continuation of their efforts to make people shop online by talking about benefits like large selection, competitive pricing and customer-friendly policies. Thus these campaigns were very well planned and executed by Flippant and they were all highly successful in communicating the intended message to the audience. They not only helped to retain their customers but also bring in many new customers to shop online.

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