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Strayed University MGM 505 Managerial and Business Communication Assignment #2 In-Depth Audience Downscaling T. Huff Presented To DRP. William A. Detours, D. B. A. , J. D. The Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce (APPC) was founded in 1924; they are associated with businesses, and organizations with the inclusion of nonprofit organizations. According to The P. G.

Chamber of Commerce (2013) they dedicate themselves to collaborating and providing leadership in policy that promotes the entrepreneurship opportunity for all residents in the Prince George’s County, Maryland. Illustrate the message’s view of the audience and stakeholders based on the written profile APPC is made up of business owners and/or advocates from the businesses throughout the towns and cities within the county with a great ambition to further the interests of the businesses.

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APPC mission is to petition to get the county residents and business owners and/or advocates Joining the Chamber which will help them to gain better insight in becoming more efficient by connecting with businesses and helping them to achieve their goals, while providing a healthy economic climate which will aid in the improved quality of life for the Prince George’s County residents. APPC is not a governmental institution and they have no involvement in the implementation of the relegating process but they can lobby to get laws passed.

Demographics According to the Census Bureau (2012) PIG counties estimated population in 2012 was 881 , 138; 6. 7 percent was made up of persons under 5, 23 percent was made up of persons under 18, 10. 3 percent was made up of persons over 65, and females made up 52 percent of the population as a whole. The average income in PIG County is 32,117, and the median household income is $73,447, a lot of the residents of P. G.

County has made it a priority to go back to school and further their education so that they can earn a higher salary, and the success rate for Prince Georges County residents who have earned the Bachelor’s degrees is at 29. 7 percent for individuals over 25. Because the current average income in PIG County is so low the poverty rate is at 8. 2 percent. Prince George’s County is considered to be one of the richest counties in the United States and the ability to make a decent living in this county hocked be plentiful, however, we have a lot of people struggling to eat and make ends meet.

Geographical The geographic center of Maryland is located in Prince George’s County in Divisional the Central part of Maryland. Generally, most people who work in the PIG County area commute from other neighboring cities and states such as: DC, VA, and Baltimore and according to the Census Bureau (2012) the average travel time for most people in this area is 36 min. PIG county is also bordered by the Chesapeake Bay which has helped to spike an great interest for the residents in the area to start gashing and crabbing.

Chirography’s The recession has everyone down in the dumps, most people are working two Jobs just to make ends meet and somehow that is still not enough. However, there is a lot of promoting of entrepreneurship and the importance of hiring, building a workforce that will support Job creation and economic development will help to lower the unemployment rate and will aid in the boosting of the economy because people will start to spend and travel abundantly.

Choreographic Although there is a great promotion of entrepreneurship and starting knew sinuses to help eliminate unemployment the fact still remains that people are resorting to stealing and taking what is not there’s to survive sometime individually or in a gang; however, the focus is being turned to our youth’s in helping to pave the way to a brighter future for those who are in college and for the students who don’t plan to enter college give them the encouragement to enter the workforce.

Serigraphs APPC has an understanding and appreciation of business so they can used to create a greater interest in business in PIG County; their voice is very loud in the business elm of things. APPC also exemplifies excellent leadership in the community by identifying and resolving community issues and concerns, their involvement in the community will help to improve the quality of life for the residents in the PIG community.

Hypsography’s Most people who visit this website will be people who are completely intrigued about politics and business in the county and generally these people take an interest about what is going on in the community as well. More than likely these people will be willing to sign up to receive the newsletters and access different areas within the Bessie.

The website gives you the ability to promote your business by linking it to the APPC website; it gives you email updates; you are able to access information on your elected officials; and it gives you the opportunity to impact the organization’s mission and future direction by taking any feedback that will support the mission. According to APPC (2012) this membership will give you the opportunity to Join the ranks of some of the most progressive and successful businesses in the community and it also helps you to be a part of the betterment of the county.

Recommendations Even though this website is well articulated by clearly stating their mission, how they execute it, and who helps them to achieve the endeavors; but you can’t access the current news and events on the website, including other parts of the website are restricted to only members so one of the recommendations that should be made is the ability to surf the whole website and learn what it really has to offer you before joining the committee.

The need to make sure that you are privy to all information is great because you have to make sure that their mission is clearly what you support before you pay for the membership, it would be Just awful to commit to a mission that you are not in support of. The other recommendation would be that APPC should advertise more to becoming more noticeable in the community. They should advertise by way of newspaper, mail inserts, radio advertisements, and the announcing of town meetings. APPC is so unnoticeable too lot of PIG County residents because they are out of sight and out of mind.

In times like this where the call for entrepreneurs is very loud to make Jobs for people, APPC should be really ongoing all hands on deck to promote and educate our potential business owners, making them aware of what is going on in the government and the community, giving future business owners the resources to open the doors to these new businesses, and last but not least recruiting the businesses to advertise on their site, because right know there are a lot of empty advertising spaces on the website which indicates that residents and business aren’t really incorporating the presence

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