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Week two Assignment: Audience Analysis Paper May 10, 2010 Audience Analysis Paper In any business people will work with others that have different lifestyles and backgrounds. Many have different attitudes, beliefs, and values that come with diversity in an organization. This essay will address a situation where a person has to present quarterly sales information at a meeting. The group of people includes: managers, customers, salespeople, and skateholders. The essay will focus on communications with this type of audience and how one must approach the situation.

The essay will focus on the characteristics of the audience, and explain the communication channels appropriate for this situation. Because the diversity of the audience is so important, the essay will provide some considerations to keep in mind on how to communicate with different groups. Last, I will speak of the ways to ensure messages are effective when communication with an audience. Much of the characteristics that are considered are the correspondence to the audience.

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Since the quarterly sales information is presented to more than one person, the individual must conduct information persisting to the topics of the audience. One well known way to get information out is through a PowerPoint Presentation. In most cases this involves being face to face with the audience. Sometimes Individuals will show spreadsheets, graphs, or important bullet notes to help the audience understand what is being presented. Communication channels are important when dealing with different types of audiences.

The presentation channel of communication is important to skateholders because it determines the level of production, profit, and production. This channel is important because one can adapt to the needs of the audience. Individuals can see the change in sales information through spreadsheets. The information for managers and customers would be different because they focus more on price, need, and value of a product. · o What communication channels are appropriate? Explain. o What are some considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience? o How do you ensure your message is effective? ·

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