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Packaging: Pink metallic decorative box with wrapping Quality: High end Brand: Calvin Klein Product Support: Free samples, free gifts with purchase, gift box sets, After sale service: Customer reviews products (seaport. Com, Hutchinson. Com, sears. Com) Page of 8 Analysis: Campaign Effectiveness In the past Calvin Klein has notoriously been responsible for producing highly sexualities advertisements, and Reveal does not fall short of these expectations. Beginning with Mark Halberds men’s underwear advertisements, then escalating to racy children’s wear billboards”4, Klein has dominated the scene in producing Hough-provoking ads for the last 30 years. 5 Through the use of bold controversy, Klein has made his brand continuously aware in consumer minds producing not only an interest but massive brand loyalty worldwide. Calvin Klein has stores in 130 territories outside the United States, and there are currently 650 domestic retail locations.

The company is headquartered on Madison Avenue in New York. 6 Calvin Klein, Inc. Reported earnings results for the first quarter ended May 4, 2014. For the quarter, net sales of $601. 8 million against $548. 5 million a year ago. Total revenue was $665. Million against $607. 9 million a year ago. On GAP basis, earnings before interest and taxes were $73. 9 million against loss before interest and taxes of $24. 1 million a year ago. On non-GAP basis, earnings before interest and taxes were $82. Million against $105. 8 million a year ago. For the second quarter of fiscal 2014, revenue is currently expected to be relatively flat to the prior year. For the full year of fiscal 2014, revenue is currently expected to increase 4(Brannon, 2010) 5(Brannon, 6(Brannon, approximately 4%. 7 As seen in Appendix one, Calvin Klein under the management of he PH group is third amongst it’s competitors for the global apparel and accessory industry. Developing integrated marketing communication programs builds brand equity.

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Specifically Calvin Klein uses a variety of different communication options that share common meaning and content but also offer different, complementary advantages so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As noted in this term responses, with a wider distribution and viewing amongst those ads appearing on social media such as Youth, secondly with advertisements appearing in magazines and thirdly live, staged performances in store fronts. The campaign has successfully immersed consumers with the brand and increased revenue as seen in Appendix 2. (Bloomberg, 2013) 8 Page 15 of 8 Live Performance: Experiential Marketing Location: The Hudson Bay, store front windows on Torso’s Queen Streets When: August 28th – 30th, 2014, multiple sessions What: 8 min performance, with a shirtless male and scantily-clad female, set up in makeshift bedrooms, performed a sexy pas-De-deuce as passersby took in the unexpected glances. Who: Curates by Jeffrey Rock in collaboration with Coot Canada and Hudson Bay Company Effectiveness? Short term, small distribution but strong responses for those in attendance.

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