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The ability for employees to continuously train also brings a positive effect on their performance. The different performance gaps are indeed limited by the enrichment and update their knowledge and skills. Improving performance is also attributable to the desire of the employee to demonstrate the relevance of the training. Appreciating that the organization has offered to the person, he/she will want to put in effect the results of the training. Here, at Best Essay Forum, writers are enthusiast in producing your reports, case study and business plan with much attention and concentration. The papers such as reports, case study and business plan are originally written and do not contain any duplicate contain as Best Essay Forum knows your requirements.

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A good device to improve the efficiency of its innovation process is training. First degree one could say it is a well banal assertion. It is likely, indeed, that to apply a method, it is better to know than not to know. At this first title, so it is important to train staff with good business practices and innovation to all the principles of marketing and innovation management. In particular, we can teach project management methods and the arsenal of routines to implement to develop a product (Creativity, functional analysis, value analysis, risk management, software design, calculation of profitability, business case), project portfolio management methods, exploratory market research, and management of innovation team.

Importance of training
1. for workers challenges
Rapidly changing production processes and company structures;
Uncertainties related to the labor market;
Increased flexibility.

The training provides the foundations that make them more able to meet these challenges workers.

Contributions of training
Strengthened position within the company;
Strengthening opportunities on the labor market;
Possibility of being offered another job or a promotion within the company;
Preventing burnout ( “burnout”) through the succession of proposed challenges.
2. For Company challenges
Faster Evolution;
Increased profitability;
Strengthening the competitive position.

Training is one of the ways to overcome these challenges.

Contributions of training
Monitoring developments relating to products and services offered;
Monitoring developments within the company: for example, quality standards, customer focused attitude, communication channels, legislation;
Strengthening the competitive position;
Training employees to achieve optimal efficiency thereof;
motivating effect exerted on workers through training;
Conservation “good” employees.

Usefulness of the training as part of the change process

The change involves more than the introduction of technical modifications. The success depends:

PRIOR to the involvement of all employees so that they have sufficient notion of change and its consequences;
The existence of permanent consultation;
The existence of a support and training

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