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Studies have proved the importance and worth of trust which is considered to be absolutely essential for consistent leadership in schools. Trust is the most critical constituent for the social environment in school systems because it makes for better cooperation and performance by the teaching staff and encourages honesty which generates a healthy school culture. Students sense if there is trust between the principals and other members of the teaching, and where such trust is evident, it reflects in the improved performance of students. Trust is especially important when leaders wish to make changes and the staffs trust them implicitly because they know that any changes that they make will improve and make things better. At Best Essay Forum, we provide the best research papers, reports and presentations for our clients, which are 100% Plagiarism free as our professional writers write them. Research papers, reports and presentations are written by qualified degree holders of bachelors, Masters and PhD. They produce your academic assignments with much attention by fulfilling the requirements.

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Trust is not easy to define, but people are certainly aware of things if trust is missing. This absence of trust might manifest itself wherein some people perceive danger to themselves or their positions and the overall objective of the organization is seriously destabilized. Disloyalty and mistrust are specifically sinister because then people tend to personalize most things and think that they might be recipients of harmful actions of other people.

Trust has consequences for a range of activities in the school including the way that teachers cooperate and work together, but trust is particularly important when the leader aims to take the staff somewhere unknown, to bring about change. The topic of trust is both intriguing and elusive. The idea of trust is hard to define but we certainly know when it is missing. We notice trust as we notice air, only when it becomes scarce or polluted’ Betrayal and distrust are particularly insidious behaviors because the mission and objectives of the organization are so easily undermined Sadly, when trust is low, most people perceive danger and go into a self-protective mode; ‘they personalize everything and assess risks in dealing with everyone, tending to cast themselves as the intended recipients of other people’s harmful actions’ Our own understanding of the notion of trust will depend on the lens of our life experience, the way that we view the world because of our past experiences.

This notion was supported by when they claimed that it is virtually impossible to have a universal definition of trust since it is a socially constructed phenomenon. While there are numerous definitions of trust, this study used the definition that trust is a willingness to depend on another party as well as an expectation that the other party will reciprocate if one cooperates.

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