Importance of awareness of the security knowledge Assignment

Importance of awareness of the security knowledge Assignment Words: 770

This assignment attempts to show the importance of awareness of the security knowledge that will make us more aware about threats like escrow services fraud, spasms and spoofing. There’s statistics demonstrates the recent trends of these types of threats that people usually face in the Internet. The impacts mostly negative and sometimes there are big losses. The research studies the potential of cybernetics’s to increase loss, scams and spoofing, both locally and worldwide. Social networking sites turned to be at the top of the targets for attackers.

Rafter said (201 1), these social network sites are like a treasure trove of prized information for cybernetics’s. The reason why they’re focusing on social network sites Is because It has million’s of users which means a lot of fraud opportunities. In such a popular open software applications, it’ll be easier for the hackers to reach and access personal information. One of the newest types of scams is email spoofing. Rafter defined email spoof as fake email messages, that looks Like it’s a friend request.

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It comes with attached file as picture of the account asking for a request. These sorts of emails must carry some type of virus, for example a Trojan horse that tells password and other Important Information; It works If the receiver clicks on the attachment. Pushing campaign means, when the email Is demonstrating a page that’s shows the login pages of any social network site in the content of the email. In addition, its fake, and any private information that entered in this page such as password is directly transferred to the hacker.

In Youth scam, spammed create fake Youth accounts, and send requests to others Youth users through email asking them to see their profiles. For sure, if someone went to the link Its going to transfer them to he spammed website (Rafter. 2011). In the Gulf countries 25 percent of tablet users and 20 per cent of smartened owners received mails monthly with suspicious links. Also, 13 percent of mobile users had received letters from banks or social network sites. Statistics shows that 62% Of Emirates cannot Identify the Pushing Message (Bubbler, 2012).

According to Speakeasy, about 35% of the PC’s in the Gulf countries have been infected because the users opens any attachment in their e-mail, and 14 % of people entered their personal Information or financial Information In suspicious pages. Internet due to its publicity has been attracting fraudsters whose goals are embezzling users funds by using fake painful scenarios (Palfrey, et. Al, 2010). Owed to the fast respond from the users in the Internet, a fraudster could post fake and false Information or a story to gain money from people.

Some of the well-known conducts include big donations under the name of poor country in Africa somewhere people are facing famines and starve to death. Fraudsters display videos and photos that users to donate finances for those poor countries. Unluckily, the fund doesn’t go to the poor countries but to the cybernetics’s pocket. This was the most common cybercafé in the United Arab Emirates, which involve money fraud and extortion (Grab, 2014). According to official statistics in ABA Dhabi, “in 2011, 588 cases of cybercafés were reported, while 792 cases were reported in 2012.

The number of cases almost doubled to 1,419 in 2013″ (Grab, 2014). Many local users have faced these kind of crimes, however according to Gun]obi (2011) Charity scams have been spreading between emirates users. Junior added (2011) these scampers goal is taking advantage of the locals kindness and their lack of awareness in the Internet field (Junior, 2011). According to Sultan AAA-Tamil, (201 1), Social networks sites have a huge number of users, thus, it will make a good fund from collecting money and donations to the victims.

He said, there was a hash tag in twitter known by Dissocialized) that collect donations for the losses, they collect more than 70,000 SIR. The problem was that they weren’t certain sure if these donations went to the victims and there families or not. An expert in ASK warned whoever wants to donate; they have to contribute with their money in a well-known donation organization to avoid sending their funds to an unknown organization that loud be a Fraudsters. He added, users in the Internet must look wisely into the online donations appeals even if they sound reliable, Just to avoid scampers.

Many individuals felt that there should be authorized organizations to collect donations from social networks users to gain more aid for poor people to make sure that the money goes to those who really need it.

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