Social media as a marketing tool to create brand awareness Assignment

Social media as a marketing tool to create brand awareness  Assignment Words: 291

However, s there are various channels related to marketing communication, choosing the effective one to carry the message is not always easy for marketers. Nowadays, with the development of technology, social media has become a powerful platform when it comes to marketing. Social media can be defined by Kafka and Brake (2009, 56) as: “Activities, practices and behavior among communities of people who gather online to share information, knowledge and opinion using conversational media”. There are various forms of social media such as social networking sites, forum discussion, blobs, wise, to name just a few.

It has been observed that social media plays a vital part in people’s life as well as business’s purpose. This is mainly because compared with traditional media such as magazines or radio, the new media channel offers significant features: interactive, cost effective, viral etc. This is r that more and more companies are engaging in and taking aid platform to do their business and particularly create brand awe always been challenge for marketer to find the appropriate WA brand awareness. Brand awareness can be understood as the brand is identified and right connected with a particular prop customer’s memory.

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There are three levels of brand awareness recognition, brand recall and top-of-mind. This paper will begin explanation of Social Media, followed by brand awareness, the factors which are considered to effect brand awareness throw! Electronic Word-of-mouth and Customer engagement. 2. Elite 2. 1 Social Media The significant growth of Social Media has drawn so much Tate marketers and companies when it comes to marketing. Kaplan (2010) assert that Social Media “as a group of internet-based al lid on the ideological and technological foundations of web allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content’.

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