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They use computers to generate leads, spot crime trends and run checks on persons and property. For example the work for a border patrol or customs officer is to keep borders protection and secure. PREPARATION AND ENTRY In order to become a law enforcement officer it is required to have a high school diploma or a GEED . Also a criminal Justice degree or major in political science or sociology. There are a several high school courses that are recommended like English, speech sociology, social science, physical education, mathematics, Spanish computer skills, psychology health driver education.

There is also require a passing of competitive exams which test for reading and writing skills, aptitudes, attitudes, hysterical condition and general health. FUTURE In the way that this is a secured Job is because there will unfortunately always be crimes and disasters in which the law enforcement has to intervene. The law enforcement agencies are federal bureau of investigation immigration and naturalization services and treasury department of alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

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Finding a Job you have to apply at the state personal broad office. For employment for a city or a county apply at their personal office. Some agencies require filing of pre- application notification cards. After application you must pass a written test which includes testing for reading and writing ability. You must also mass an oral interview. Yearly in the state of California there are 1202 Job opening police sheriffs, patrol officers, parking enforcement workers there is also an expected growth rate from 4. 5% to 13. 8%.

FLEXIBILITY The education and training that is required for a law enforcement officer can also be useful for other Occupations such as air marshals, animal control officers, arson investigators, Customs inspectors, FBI Agent, Fire Fighters, Correctional Officers, Highway Patrol Officers, emergency Medical Technician. Working Conditions There are physical activities and demands required during a typical workday. However, these occupations often can be performed by those with disabilities when provided with appropriate adaptations.

The work is outdoors, work hours and assignments, including nights holidays and weekends. Workers are often on call and must respond quickly. Overtime may be required during emergencies. Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds. Risk includes vehicle accidents, incidents involving guns and others weapons, physical struggles with lawbreakers and mentally ill persons, fire, and natural disasters. Higher than average risk of personal injury and death, especially when pursuing lawbreakers and dealing with public disorders.

Also may experience stress from having to deal with difficult people and making quick decisions that affect people’s safety. You will also experience a lot of stress. There is not a set schedule or a set time for this Job if they need you they will call you at any time they want to serve the community. REMUNERATION The salary for a law enforcement officer to start is for $3,144 the average pay is 3,648 and the top pay is $4,031 and up this is for a parking enforcement workers. The alarm for a police officer and sheriffs patrol Officers starts at $5,329 average pay $6,527 and the top pay is $7,686 and up.

INTEREST My interest on becoming a law enforcement officer is high and beyond. The reason I say this is because for me helping the community, helping people and stop the violence and all the bad things that people do to others is very important. Being a law enforcement officer requires a strong character being a person that likes to take risk that will go as far as they can in order to help people and stop criminals. I will definitely enjoy this occupation because I like to exercise I love to learn how to use nuns, I have a strong character and when I make a decision that’s it.

I love to take risks, I like the danger and whatever it takes me to stop people to harm other I would do it. APTITUDES AND ABILITIES A skill is a goal directed behavior that can be strengthened through practice. There are many skills theta this occupation requires. One will be working knowledge of police methods, procedures and pertinent laws, ordinances and legal terminology. Ability to use police equipment and techniques, to conduct investigation, to collect, evaluate and analyze facts, and to draw correct conclusions.

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