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The various policing functions of local, state and federal all have their own roles and are important for each jurisdiction. The most common law enforcement that we see in our daily lives is the local police department. The mall goal for the local law enforcement Is to uphold the laws on streets and In their neighborhoods that they patrol. Our local police department consists of 83. 5 employees, which of these 57 are sworn police officers (City of San 1 OFF to special assignments. Special assignments can include field training, crime scene investigator, SWAT, and others.

Many individuals look at their local law enforcement as people who do not respect their community members. This is not the case in any situations. Law enforcement is in place to help communities and the individuals who live there. If there was no local law enforcement in communities, criminal activities would be out of control. If an individual respects a police officer they will give you the respect back. State agencies as well have several roles. State police is in charge of securing state highways and other areas of their state.

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Sheriffs and their deputies are responsible for patrolling an area’s state and federal routes, as well as unincorporated or unpolished municipalities. My state, California has highway patrol’s hat enforce state traffic laws along the highways. The highway patrol also enforces and protects state buildings and facilities. If there were no state agencies that patrolled our highways and other rural areas our local police would not have the time to patrol our local communities. It is important to have our highways secured and especially those rural roads.

Each law enforcement has their own duties and should not be mixed with the local law enforcement duties. Another well known state agency here in California is the department of Fish and Game. The department of Fish and Game manages and protects the state’s wildlife, sis, habitats, plant species, and natural communities (Department of Fish and Game). The fish and game department is also responsible for the diversified use of fish and wildlife, including recreational, commercial, scientific, and educational uses (Department of Fish and Game). Protecting wildlife’s creatures is very important.

If we were to be killing wildlife our wildlife would have no more living animals. It is important to maintain our wildlife; many individuals go hunting Just to kill animals. Animals were put on this planet for a reason, Just like us and I do not believe that it is right to harm them. The federal agencies has various types of law enforcement agents, they all enforce law and policies that are established at the highest level of government. Some agencies that deal with the federal government are the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the United States Border Patrol.

There are many other federal agencies, but these two agencies we seem to hear more about. The federal agencies do not enforce local or state laws, but will give a tip to the correct local or state authorities when a certain suspect is found or spotted. The Bi’s top priority is to protect the U. S. From terrorist attacks. The FBI works closely with a range of partners; they use a growing suite of investigative and intelligence capabilities to neutralize terrorist calls and operatives (The FBI). The 9/1 1 attacks made changes to the FBI.

The FBI has made a series of changes to enhance its ability to protect the nation from a vast array of ever revolving threats (The FBI). The 9/1 1 attacks made the U. S. Open its eyes and realize that more security should be put into force. Department of Homeland Security largest and most complex components (COP). Its main responsibility is to secure and facilitate trade and travel while enforcing U. S. Regulations, including immigration and drug laws (COP). The top priority for U. S. Customs and border protection is to keep terrorist and their weapons from entering the United States (COP).

All U. S. Laws are applied by COP officers. COP officers prevent from any narcotics, agricultural pests, and smuggled goods from entering the country and also identifies and arrest those with outstanding criminal warrants (COP). If it were not for the COP our country would not be as secure. Many individuals feel that airports have gone overboard with their security, but after the 9/1 1 attacks tizzies need to feel that they will be secure. The COP is only doing their Job Just like any other law enforcement agency.

If the COP were not doing their Job then our country would be full of terrorists, illegal weapons, and illegal aliens. The possible future changes that may occur in the law is technology will be changing. Technology is an important factor for all law enforcement. Computers are used in all agencies and are a main tool to capturing criminals. I believe that in the near future borders will be more secure and that security in airports will be more tight and strict. All types of law enforcement is very important, it does not matter if it is local, state, or federal.

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