Criminal Justice Assignment

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What attributes are required of an undercover officer? Undercover officers are required to gain the trust of a suspected criminal or group by using an assumed identity to get information or evidence that can lead to the arrest of the suspect. Do you believe you would make a good undercover officer? Why or why not? No I wouldn’t make a good undercover officer because I would nervous and stuttering and would forget what I am suppose to say. I am a terrible actor. Are there gender issues regarding an undercover officer?

What might they be? The agent must fit the assignment. I don’t believe it would be likely for the police to be looking for a female prostitute and then they send in a male to play the role of a prostitute… It wouldn’t be right. Then there are other times when either gender can play a role like as a drug addict buying drugs, males and females both are known to use drugs. Should undercover officers be armed? Yes, Officers should be armed because you never know when they might need to protect themselves.

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Should undercover officers wear body mikes whenever are undercover? I think wearing body mikes is a terrible idea, criminals are now smart enough to check the people around them for mikes. Should undercover officers be allowed to break minor laws to obtain the confidence of the targets? I believe officers can be allowed to break minor laws of to get suspects to trust them as long as their partners are aware of the situation and if the crimes lead to an arrest or some sort of evidence.

How far should an undercover officer go? What are the factors? List at least five. An undercover operation should only go to the point where the undercover officer has enough information to make an arrest. 1 . Get enough evidence for prosecution 2. Get leads into criminal activities 3. Check the reliability of witnesses and informants 4. Get information about the area for use when conducting a raid or an arrest 5. Get information on evidence against subversive groups Criminal Justice By Chasm

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