Identifying Customer Needs Assignment

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The student must demonstrate the ability, knowledge, and skills required in identifying market research needs and drafting research objectives for a proposed market research project.

For this assessment you are required to apply your ability, knowledge, and skills in identifying market research needs to the following case study. You will also need to explain how market research can contribute the operations of the organisation and draft initial research objectives. Procedure 1. Read the case study. 2. Prepare a proposal for D. A. Garden Supplies thataddresses the following. a. What market research is and its role in identifyingand resolving the current issue? b. How market research can contribute to thesuccess of the D.

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A. Garden Supplies? c. What are the research needs of D. A. GardenSupplies? d. Draft research objectives. 1. Yourproposal should also include a. A statement of the market research needs forD. A. Garden supplies, based on an analysis of D. A. Garden Supplies’ financialand performance records. b. Information on the consultation process thatwill be required to progress to the next stage, scoping the project. c. Details of any industry individuals or externalbodies you consulted in determining these research needs. Specifications

You must provide: · A market research project proposal thataddresses all the points listed in the procedure. Your assessor will also be looking for: · Compliance with key provisions of relevantlegislation, including but not limited to: Anti-discrimination legislation andprinciples of equal opportunity, equity and diversity: o Ethicalpractices o TradePractices Act o PrivacyLaws o Codesof Practice. · Application of market research principles andpractices to your proposal: o Developmentof hypotheses. o Roleof research in enterprise development. Application of project planning principles andpractices including: o gainingof approvals o needsanalyses. · A clearly communicated proposal that is suitablefor use by senior management in deciding to commission a full market research plan. Case study David and his wife, Alison, have been in the garden supplyand nursery business for the last 13 years. David supervises the nursery andgarden supply part of the business, while Alison does the administration andbookkeeping and oversees the landscaping projects.

Their employees comprise twofull-time gardeners, a part-time landscaping consultant and two part-timecashiers. The trading hours are as follows: · Mon – Wed 9 am –6 pm · Thurs – Fri 9 am –6 pm (9 am – 9 pm in summer) · Saturday 8 am –6 pm · Sunday 10am – 6 pm The business is located in a main road, opposite a smallsuburban shopping centre that includes a supermarket, department store, cafeand 12 specialty shops. About 2 kilometres down the road is a large Bunning’sstore.

The business has prospered over the years through a steadystream of customers who are happy with the quality and cost of the goods andservices, and the professional advice. David has a good rapport with most ofthem, and takes a keen interest in making sure their gardens are properlymaintained. Five years ago David and Alison opened a small cafe insidethe nursery. They now have two full-time staff and an additional part-time staffmember who works over lunch-time and on weekends; although during the schoolholidays Alison’s daughter also assists in the cafe.

A new cafe opened forbusiness 18 months ago around the corner, in a small strip of shops attached toa business park. This new operation is open Monday – Friday from 7am–3pmoffering breakfast and lunch, specialising in gourmet food and beverages. About three years ago, David andAlison decided to extend the cafe operations to include a larger lunch menu,more tables and extended the trading hours of the cafe so that it now opens atthe same time, and closes one hour before, the nursery. The cafe offerstakeaway food as well as sit-in dining and the enu includes a variety ofbeverages, made-to-order sandwiches, salads, gourmet pies/sausages rolls,quiches and savoury slices, chips/wedges, cakes and slices, ice creams andsorbets, a kids menu and soups and casseroles in winter. The whole concept was a good one however their totalbusiness net profit has dropped steadily over the last two years, althoughgross revenue remains acceptable. They are at a loss to identify what has gonewrong and decide to seek help to redress the situation. David and Alison seek advice from you.

They brief you on theproblem and you suggest they do marketing research as a first step on the roadto establishing what the problem is. You have been supplied withbasic sales performance data for the last three years that shows the following: · Nursery sales have dropped by 5% in the last twoyears. These sales of these products currently contribute 41% to overallprofits. · Garden Supplies sales have also dropped by 5%,although the last year saw an increase in drought proofing related productssuch as mulch. These products currently contribute 34% to overall profits. Landscaping project numbers have been flat;however, the size and profit on each project has grown slightly. This has meanta steady contribution to overall profits of 10%. ? Cafe trade has been steadily increasing for thelast three years and as result profits from this have been growing at a rate of2–3% per annum, currently contributing 15% to the overall profit of thebusiness. Assessment Submission: You must submit both soft copy and printed copy of your answers. To upload your answers: *Create a cover page clearly indicating your name, student id, assessment no, unit name and your course name Provide header and footer on your document indicating your name,student id and page number accordingly. To submit printed copy to your Trainer: *Place the “Assessment Cover Sheet” provided by your Trainer on top of your assessment document. Fill it out and sign appropriately. Available from: Monday, 18 November 2013, 12:00 AM Due date: Sunday, 15 December 2013, 11:55 PM Submission draft No files submitted yet Upload a file (Max size: 12MB) . You are logged in as Qinghai Lin (Logout) Original theme created by Shaun Daubney (Newbury College).

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