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Princess Lie Is this a good game? How well the following key components are designed and implemented (rate out of 10, where 10 is very well designed and implemented and 1 is not present): Generally, Princess Lie is a well-rounded game, well at least for kids around 3 – 10 years of age. The key components are well designed and structurally implemented for skill base individuals. The key components coded are suitable for kids to play on; it is not very easy, but definitely achievable.

The list below indicates the ratings of this game (from my viewpoint) out of 10, where 10 Is very well reanimated and executed and 1 Is not contemporaneous. Decision making for the player: 8/10 Player control: 8/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 scoring: 7/10 The story: 7/10 The world: 8/10 Music and Sound FIX: 8/10 Game Flow: 9/10 Game Overall: 8/10 Although the ratings are high In the game I produced, some people would find this game amusing and boring. Nonetheless, this game Itself Is slightly unfinished due to the time I was given and the days I received on structuring the game.

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With that being said this game to some may feel like it is complete however it is not. If I have ad more time on coding this game, it would be phenomenal for example, weapons and health would be featured to make this game more enjoyable and of course more LEVELS and CHARACTERS. To me it feels like as if I got enough time to created something mystical but I think I did my best and that what It really matters. This game can be fun to play or It can really get on your nerves.

Vie tested this game numerous times and I think deep down it is truly challenging and fun to play when you reached LEVEL 3 as there are so many monsters surrounding the main characters. It is like as if there are thousands of flying monsters stopping you. However, when you reached LEVEL 3, it can also get on your nerves as it is extremely hard to finish but of course it is achievable. LEVEL 3 had caused me a lot of trouble to finish and took me approximately 10 tries to complete but once you completed LEVEL 3 you would sense that LEVEL 4 Is going to be tougher but there Is no LEVEL 4 In this game as I didn’t get around it.

Princes Lie was not also fun to play with but it requires skills and sometimes luck to complete. This game is not a maze game therefore it would be more challenging for player to complete. Players would require sensing (eye coordination) skills before an sometimes play a role in this game due to the different types of monsters flying around. Monsters with no wings – players can kill Monsters with wings – players cannot kill and they are sometimes xx faster Creating this game was easy for the most part for example, sprites, b], background and tile sets.

Due to classroom practice all these things I mentioned was easy because I have done this before and it did not took me too long to code this whereas the background music, coding around the characters’ lives and deaths, and the high score table. This caused me troubles during the making of this game since I did not earn how to create one during classroom practice. It was somewhat easy to overcome these problems, I asked for helped from the teacher and some classmates and I did not long to create them since they gave me detailed assistance.

The design and this game are 95% identical. All elements was coded to match to game design as well as the players INSTRUCTIONS. Nothing has really changed because I only focused on what was on my game design therefore it was virtually identical. This game provides that fun factor’ when players are bored and has nothing to do. It contains all aspects that a platform game would need. The Jump speed, players event, and the transition between the monsters are why is game is (from my viewpoint) a good game. There are also some minor issues in relation to Princess Lie.

There was no menu screen that players can access before actually starting the game however I have tried creating a menu but the game would crashed and you could not play it. Another minor issue to this game is that it needs more LEVEL in order for players to actually play the game for longer. In addition to this game, I could improve this by trying different coding so that the Menu screen would work which will help the players to quit and look for instruction. Another addition I would add to this game is by creating a gun thus players can shoot at the enemies if they wish to.

There are also many more minor additions I would like to add: More LEVELS Different themes A Health bar If I could have time to do this assignment again I would continue my game but slightly change the theme and especially create a water LEVEL where players can actually swim through the water and challenge their skills. Another element I would do differently if I have more time is that to create another character to this game. That way, this game can play 2 players at a time resulting madness challenges and their skills.

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