Organizational Development Final Project Assignment

Organizational Development Final Project Assignment Words: 594

In preparing his paper, you will examine how the theories and models presented In this course, as well as In the literature, can be utilized to support and facilitate a planned change effort. Your focus can be within a particular organizational setting of your choice, or an industry, or a type of organizations in general (for example, non-profit, civic, for- profit). The focus could be on a specific organizational change, for example, enhancing creativity and innovation. The action plan should be written as a serious proposal to executive management about a specific planned change effort. Discuss the following elements in your proposal.

As you will see, you will need to have a working knowledge of this challenge, either from literature or company documents or your own observations. 2 Introduction. Brief description of the current organizational challenge. This proposal is from your perspective, as you have not yet engaged others in this process. That said, describe the challenge from your perspective and describe your role as related to the challenge. Current State. Description of current state to Include: o What has been done to correct or address the challenge? O What is the urgency to meet this challenge? O What are the consequences of not changing?

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Desired Future State. Description of the desired state you wish to see in terms of this current challenge to include the following elements. Keep in mind that this is still from your perspective, as you have not yet engaged others in the DO process. Please note that if you have engaged others in this discussion, such as the manager of the department, address that in the paper. O What is the ideal state of the organization in terms of this current challenge? O What behaviors will organizational members demonstrate? O What behaviors will organizational leaders demonstrate? O What will the “changed organization” feel like (culture)?

What value will this planned change effort add to the organization? Action Plan. Steps you (and others) will take to make the desired state a reality. O Change Team: Who needs to be involved in this process to ensure its success? O Brief discussion of alignment of this proposed change with organization development values and assumptions. O Describe an overall approach (strategy) for creating and implementing the change, such as Action Research, Organization Change Process. O Describe a minimum of three methods or tools you will use to assess and facilitate this planned change effort (embedded within your strategy).

Describe challenges and barriers you anticipate and how you will address them. This could include organizational readiness for change, expected resistance to change, organizational leadership. Benefits. Description of benefits of this proposal. O List 3 – 5 specific results you expect from successful implementation of the plan. Option 1 for Signature Assignment 61 5 Organization Development and Change Master Syllabus rev 01 . 13. 12 page 7 o Link back to consequences of not changing. O Describe success measures that will be used (evaluation). First Step. Summarize with one specific first step.

You will draw from multiple sources (minimum 5) including Journal articles, books, and professional references such as associations and websites (this will help place your proposal within the framework of what others have done to address the challenge. ) You may also draw from class discussions and activities, as well as your own experience within organizational settings. Look for ways to integrate organization development with other leadership theories and concepts discussed in organizational leadership (drawing from other OLL, HRS, HA courses and/or 613 Dynamics of Organization Behavior). Page 8

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