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I would call my home life to be peaceful, loving and spiritual, since its just my father and I living together we have built a really good communicative relationship in where we share our thoughts on different point of views dealing from worldly issues, to sports and biblical truth. My outlook on authority and discipline wasn’t too my favor a couple of years ago in my teenage years. Growing up with my father I had to experience a strict but healthy side of discipline in which I didn’t agree with having a rebellious, know it all attitude.

My father having the authority to discipline me in simple things such as, cleaning my room and putting things back where I got them from, were actually baby steps onto following rules. Also commands which required more than just an effort to accomplish. Those things, which we thought to be an enemy, brought fourth character and integrity. In other words those disciplinary tests I thought were senseless prepared me for the order I would have to submit to ordain by our heavenly father.

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We worship the lord in common ways to do so with sermons and songs but our main source of worship is in discussion of Gods’ marvelous works of creation and nature. My father and I deeply acknowledge Gods’ work on the earth and we worship in squeezing an orange and tasting the sweetness of Christ, which may sound absurd to one who isn’t sensitive to things of the spirit. Recognizing and not taking for granted everything the Lord has provided for us is the true heart of worship. Christian living is like nothing this world has to offer.

In that alone it says much, but to touch on a couple benefits I’ve experienced not necessarily living as a Christian because now a days there seems to be a variety of ways a person can claim to be saved not showing any fruits of conversion, but I speak as a young man who has tasted Gods’ mercy and grace at first hand and I would have to say that the blessing of the true Christian living is having the understanding of how weak and depraved we truly are. We can do nothing apart from God, and in realizing that it makes me cling on to him with every bit of passion that I am rewarded.

The behavior of a Christian, Id rather the word god seeker would be that of a person who acts, talks and behaves to the glory of god. For example I believe there’s a way a person can dance provocative amusing Satan himself welcoming lust and immorality but there’s also a way a person can dance and have angels rejoice. As far as smoking, I don’t believe god will shut the pathway to heaven for you. You’re just going to get there a bit faster than the next man. My beliefs on alcohol are quite different, no it’s not a sin to have a glass of wine but the frequency of it is.

Alcohol, as well as tobacco causes a lot of lives every year. Alcohol in itself is not a sin in the bible the gateway to it is, which is drunkard ness, and we already know outside of the bible it impairs us and causes us to make bad judgment so as far as it goes we have to be aware of its deadly potential to avoid the consequences. Drugs are other weapon’s formed against us to try and occupy the void in our hearts that only god can fill. TV I’d say is about 85 percent corruptive in brain watching children, even grown man.

The other 15 percent of what it shows is educational on channels like discovery and PBS when in reality there just trying to replace god with there theory of evolution so I pretty much just keep the TV off and save my brains space for real information. The Internet is another of those things than can be used for good or bad but it can be tempting for unclean chatting and pornography so I use it for nothing more than to download sermons and read e-mail. I started hearing Christianity at a young age with my father taking me to small local churches and bible studies.

The seed was planted and I then became a Christian, or better said showing the fruits of a Christian, repenting of sin some years later, after experiencing several life threatening situations. I know that I am a Christian “born again” because I have developed through the grace of god fruits of the spirit. Hating that which God hates. Being convicted with correction, and weeping over my sin. I have a joy that can’t be taken from me and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Since the time my desires have became new I can say I have developed a deep spiritual interest for the knowledge of doctrine in the word of god not only for application in unraveling holiness but to be able to speak to others in what I have been able to understand through Revelation of Scripture. The word of God means to me the grace and mercy given to dieing man through Jesus Christ. But to clarify that a little better it means to me the cleansing of my filthiness forgiveness of my past, and guidance to the future onto Eternity.

It means deliverance from the grip of Evil, separating the truth from the lies and by all means asking God in every prayer to conform us to the image of his son. The word of god means the judgment of disobedience means love that wants to save us from eternal damnation from desires that lead to death anyway. The hope of this world is that we are on a time sheet but there is a deadline and no one knows how quickly the time will start clicking for the last hour to be up. It means to fear the lord. It means that these times are of precious value for mankind to except Christ and avoid the wrath this world is yet to see.

Knowing this we should take our souls into consideration before its too late it means rebellious hearts who ignored the gospel seeing there miserable life come to an end and right when it seems like its all over to rest in peace they bow down in the presence of a holy magnifying God, desperately wanting a glimpse of life they cared not to live. For it means those who choose not to repent while forgiveness was available, spend eternity in regret, repenting without ever getting a response. Prayer and having communion with God is critical for one who seeks to please him and grow in the spirit.

Leanord Ravenhill quoted “No man is greater than his prayer”. It is significant in my life to repent of sin, give thanksgiving and ask of the lord to direct me, not alone for my well being but for his glory, because I realize that I am a blind man walking without his hand upon me. Once I became a member of my local church I started linking up with fellow Christians in order to share the word of god and tell our testimonies. Something we always insist on doing in fellowship through out the week is keeping contact for accountability and counseling.

I’m also given the opportunity to work for God In serving the church, by helping take down the stage of instruments, furniture, and Electronics when the service is over on Sunday’s. In The Church I was recently Member of I participated in The children’s Ministry for approximately three month’s. Teaching Bible stories with games and illustrations to kids ranging from eight to twelve year’s of age. It wasn’t what I expected, being too fun for the kids and not worth learning. I believe those students could have been taught some real scripture already.

The teaching Program was shooting too low for the development of these youngsters to start getting a taste of a Godly life. I was a volunteer, otherwise I would of insisted that the students gather up in groups and read verses to each other in a clam manner. In my opinion, it is the best way to get them started. Now a days there keeping kids in a circle of John 3:16 and ignorant of everything else god requires. They are being deceived and treating the gospel as another assignment. I don’t hold any leading Position’s at church but I lead to the word of god all the days of my life not just on Sundays, or bible studies on Wednesday’s.

We have this thing I like to call my room Ministry In where friends and I meet to listen to sermons and pray for Revival. For yes we are being used of God but in reality there is too much for me to learn and be. I’m not worthy of being called a leader yet, till now and then the lord is our only true sovereign leader. This is my time for preparation. Youth work would be Evangelizing and disciplining young people to grasp on the traits of god to not only be noble, moral people of character in maturity but to die in return and let Christ live for them.

My long term vocational and ministry Goals as of right now is the desire to have more understanding In Theology because before I can go outside myself I have to be filled first with knowledge and wisdom. In order to have the capacity to effectively instruct others I have to along with God, Minister to my spirit. I have a great want to be a minister in my home sometime in the future when I become a family man. Being able to someday, spiritually lead my wife and children, along with other families would be a greatest achievement I can be part of by moody to advance the kingdom of God.

I have been a witness to the disaster of broken homes and families. I choose my loved ones not to be another statistic in this generational curse. Therefore I will go to Evangelism and Discipleship, family ministries in order that the love of god keep my wife and I grounded in faithfulness to him, to then instruct our seed in the way of righteousness to fulfill the scripture that they will grow and not depart from it. In addition to what I might of left out in the essay, I’d like to say that my main purpose, hunger and mission is to wake up the unawareness that people have towards God.

It’s as if I feel guilty that I know this living god and they don’t. I find it un-human and disappointing that God created beings can carry on everyday life without knowing of an existing God that wants to love and discipline them for Kingdom works. If I can simply let them in on a Gospel message presented by scripture, I will plant a seed that God will water. After, there will be no limits to the transformation of saved souls. Moody, I’m in complete submission I pray that you allow me an education only if I would serve to advance the kingdom of his son.

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