Human Rights and Assignment

Human Rights and Assignment Words: 373

The tutorial letter number will be 201, 202, etc. As soon as you have received the feedback, please check your answers. The assignments and the feedback on hose assignments constitute an important part of your learning and should help you to be better prepared for the next assignment and the examination. Please note: Although students may work together when preparing assignments, each student must write and submit his or her own individual assignment. In other words, you must submit your own ideas in your own words, sometimes interspersing relevant short quotations that are properly referenced.

It is unacceptable for students to submit identical assignments on the basis that they worked together. That is copying (a form of plagiarism) and none of these assignments will be marked. Furthermore, you may be penalized or subjected to disciplinary proceedings by the university. Explanation and Reading: You do not need your study guide or prescribed book to answer assignment 1 . You will find it useful to read tutorial letter ODDBALL/301 before attempting this assignment.

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The following ten multiple- choice questions are designed to make you aware of the reading and writing skills you need for this subject. Some of the skills we test you on relate to your ability to extract information from texts. This ability is the gateway to intelligent reading. We also make you aware of the need to organism your rating. In essay-type assignments, you must organism your points; you must have a clear, logical argument; you must be able to paraphrase and quote; and you must be able to summaries. Assignment 1 has to be completed on a mark reading sheet.

You will find instructions on how to fill in a mark reading sheet in the booklet my Studies @ Janis that was issued to you when you registered. Please make sure that you filled the unique number in correctly to ensure that the mark reading sheet does not go astray. Plagiarism EN! Plagiarism is a serious offence and that is why it is extremely important to provide references in your assignment. Marks will be deducted from your assignment if you do not reference or if you copy information from any source without providing a reference.

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