Human Resources Management Team Assignment

Human Resources Management Team Assignment Words: 541

As previously indicated, the team coordinator must submit one paper per team. ; Include a title page that contains the following information: 0 Team # and names of all participating team members in alphabetical order. 0 Please indicate the team coordinator for each TAB assignment. ; Use a running head format for each page: MGM 3375 – Team ; The team coordinator must use the following file name format in submitting each TAB assignment: TAB, 2, or 3-Team #-IT 14. ; As previously indicated, instructions to submit each TAB assignment in the Assignments area of Ebb will be provided. Attachment 2: Preparation of TAB 1.

Format. Reports must be professionally prepared, using PAP guidelines for the format. A link to the PAP Guide for papers is posted in the Helpful Resources area of ; Provide specific support and adequate depth; use relevant examples from the case; be organized! Ata minimum, three (3) specific examples/support statements should be provided per issue/question in your team’s responses. ; Excellent communication skills, including proper grammar, correct spelling and incaution, applicable section headings, page numbers, etc. Are required. Begin each question of the assigned questions on a new page.

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Indicate question number, section headings, specifying a, b, etc. , where indicated. ; Use Times New Roman, 12 pet. Font. Spacing: Single space within each bullet point; double space between bullet points. ; Use of an outline/billeted format is required. 0 This page is an example off billeted format. 0 Due to time constraints, it is essential you use this format for the TAB assignments! Failure to use this format will result in a deduction of 10+ points from your team’s grade. 2. Length: Space guidelines – Maximum # of pages per will be provided for each TAB assignment.

Page limits prefatory pages (title page) and supplementary Exhibits: Use of professionally prepared exhibits (such as charts and tables) may be necessary, not only to comply with the length requirement, but also to enhance the succinct presentation of your team’s response. An exhibit must be “labeled” and briefly explained in the body of your team’s response – what is its relevance? An exhibit is typically one (1) page. 3. References: Your team must include four (4) credible references (not including the textbook) ere assignment to add validity to your answers. Your textbook does not count as a reference.

You should avoid Internet sources, except certain government or association sites (e. G. , OSHA). Use the Troy library online to conduct your research. ; Identify references based on PAP Style. Endnotes and Web sites are included in your textbook. Supplementary Readings are posted in the Assignments area of Blackboard. Attachment 2: Preparation of TAB (continued) 4. Evaluation: TAB assignments will be evaluated based on the following criteria. Content (65%): Integration of appropriate, relevant course concepts; quality of analysis; focusing on specifics, not generalities; and thoroughness (pertains to scope and depth of coverage).

Organization (20%): Use of these guidelines, applicable section headings, and relevant exhibits; inclusion of relevant research; and flow. ; Professionalism (1 5%): Demonstrated evidence of the 3 AS: Adequate preparation, pride of workmanship, and proficiency in the use of good communication skills – writing style and comprehensibility (grammar and punctuation). Reposes must be concise, incisive, and literate. Rubric: A Rubric, based on the above criteria, will be utilized to grade the TAB assignments.

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