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INTRODUCTION OF TELENOR:- [pic] In Pakistan Telenor launched its operation in March 2005 as the single largest direct European investment in Pakistan, setting precedence for further foreign investment in the telecom sector. In a little over two years, Telenor have grown to become a leading telecom operator in the country. In fiscal year 2006, Telenor achieved nearly 200% growth in their subscriber base- The Highest in the industry by a wide margin. Telenor is the fastest growing mobile network in the country, with coverage reaching deep into many of the remotest areas of Pakistan. In most difficult terrains, from the hilly

Northern areas to the sprawling desserts in the south, at the time they are the only operator connecting the previously unconnected. Telenor are spread across Pakistan, creating 2,200 direct and 20,000-plus indirect employment opportunities. We have a network of 15 company-owned sales and service centers, more than 200 franchisees and some 100,000 retail outlets. [pic] VISION STATEMENT:- Telenor vision is simple; they exist to help their customers to get the full benefit of communication service in their daily lives. The key to achieving this vision is mindset where everyone works together.

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Making it easy to buy and use their services. Their vision is inspiring vision to find new ways. Telenor vision statement is:- MISSION STATEMENT:- At Telenor, it is believed that responsibility and trust are inseparable. Telenor must have trusting relationships its customers, owners, employees and society in general. Therefore a determined effort is made to attend to the group responsibilities in society in comprehensive and innovative way. Telenor striving to be a driving force in creating, simplifying and introducing communication and content solutions to the market place.

Their mission statement is:- CORE VALUES:- Telenor has mainly four core values: ? Make it easy ? Keep promising ? Be inspiring ? Be respect full MARKET SHARE OF CELLULAR INDUSTRY IN PAKISTAN:- [pic] From the above chart we see that Telenor has catched up the warid. Both are tied up at this time. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLANNING HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT OF TELENOR:- Human Resources (HR) is about creating a winning organization, generating outstanding business performance through the development of people and teams.

Working in Telenor organization is high profile, rewarding and demands the ability to take tough, insightful decisions and translate them into action. HR’s overall function is to devise and implement strategies and policies to ensure that they have the right people with the right skills. Within that, there are numerous options For example; it could be covering culture change, leadership development, strategic talent management, coaching and skills development or alignment of reward with performance. OBJECTIVE OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT:- The objective of the Human Resource department is “To Facilitate Growth. Telenor people are the most important asset. In Human Resources (HR) they support and develop people, enabling them to deliver outstanding business performance. Telenor culture is about empowering people, both to contribute to their business objectives and to achieve their own personal and career goals. HR’s overall function is to devise and implement strategies and policies to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills. HR manager has most important function to they guide the employees how they move on corporate ladder. Manager must know what is the employee’s strength and weakness.

So they train the employees in weak areas. RECRUITMENT & PLACEMENT PRACTICES SELECTION PROCESS:- Telenor selection process is designed to identify the potential to become the future business leaders, while helping people decide if Telenor is the right organization for them. JOB POSTINGS:- The type of mediums that they use in order of preference for posting their jobs. 1. Internal C. V Pools: They keep track of all their employees CV’s & when they have jobs available they look for potential candidates among their own staff for internal recruitment. Filling a vacancy by their current employees is their first choice. . Head hunters:- Telenor has assigned human resource corporations or agencies to look for talented & well knowledgeable people for them & provide them with people with the specific descriptions that Telenor has posted. 3. Newspapers:- In case they don’t get people from above sources they go for public offerings by giving ads in news papers mostly well known and mass published newspaper having goodwill in the market such a s” Dawn”, “The News”‘ or “Jang” 4. Campus Drives:- Telenor also sends its HR teams to different universities campuses for finding out the potential talent that can be of use to them in the future.

Their HR people have the descriptions or know description according to which they look for prospective employees. They also provide internship opportunities and then select suitable candidates and then conduct 1-2 normal interview and then offered to job to selected candidate. COMPENSATION PRACTICES COMPENSATION PLANS:- Before deciding on the compensation plans the H. R department try to understand the goals of the company. Groups of pay ranges are developed so that it would be easier to make compensation plans for the employees.

Usually promotions to higher group depend upon the efforts of the employees and very seldom on their experience. Compensation plans include both direct and non-direct compensations. JOB EVALUATION:- The HRM department of Telenor does Job evaluation. The method used by the company is Point method. In point method points and degrees are specified. HRM department conduct the salary surveys, evaluate jobs, and develop pay grades, use wage curves and fine tune pay rates. The information is kept as confidential to make sure that no information is being leaked out.

In Telenor employee also do job evaluation by himself. The employee is often being given individual goals, so he has to work on how to achieve those goals. The goals assigned to him will make sure that employee constantly learns and improves in order to achieve the goals. The goals are always very challenging and require the employee to critically analyse his strengths and weaknesses and look for the competencies that he wants to develop. PERFORMNCE DEVELOPMENT PLANNING SYSTEM:- Telenor have “Annual confidential reporting” for their employee’s evaluations, under which they measure employee performance.

This process of measuring performance is run in collaboration with HR & the concerned department whereby each employee is evaluated on occasional basis & in case the performance is above expectations they are instantly rewarded, however in other circumstances of less than par performance there are no punishments such as demotions, salary cuts etc but they are warned in writing, if this does not improves their performance they are again given a second letter in writing which is the last warning they get for improvements. APPRAISAL METHODS:- Telenor uses various appraisal methods most common ones are: ?

Ongoing Feedback ? 360Degree Feedback PAY STRUCTURE:- The pay structure of Telenor is kept confidential. They don’t provide much information regarding their pay structure. The limited information that was provided to us was that including the basic pay. They are also given bonuses, fuel, and advance in case of emergency. Telnor provides it employees with increments on annual basis. The factors that are kept in consideration during increments are the inflation rate of the country, the kind of task the employees have performed and the kind of experience or position the employees hold.

All these factors ensure that they don’t encounter any salary compression problem in their work setting. They also analyze the pay structure of their competitors & if they see any changes they also work out their basic pay structures accordingly. Measures are also taken to keep an internal equity among various jobs in the organization. However what we have analyzed during the whole reporting process is that they are paying comparatively higher than the industry. JOB SAFETY PROGRAMS:- Telenor provides certain job safety programs such as Smoke free environments: there are certain areas called “Smoking room” where people can smoke. Smoking inside the office is strictly prohibited. ? Fire Equipment: Fire alarms are installed in various places and people are given training to operate them. ? Emergency Bell: the employees are made familiar with the emergency bell, which will ring in case of earthquake or any other matter. HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT:- Telenor is responsible for supporting a working environment characterized by high job-satisfaction, opportunities for personal and professional development, and low rate of sick leave and injuries.

Telenor’s managers are responsible for establishing effective arrangements to identify and eliminate or control work-related hazards and risks, and promote health at work. These arrangements are organized, planned, implemented and evaluated with employee participation. Telenor has established a Health, Safety and Working Environment (HSE) Management System to ensure that the effort to develop and maintain a good working environment is an ongoing process throughout the Telenor Group. TELENOR EMPLOYEES STRATEGIES TO MOVE UP ON CORPORATE LADDER :-

Most employees want to move the corporate ladder and is the responsibility of manager how they guide them. They help to choose the right career. They guide the employees about their career and they also trained the employees according to their job. CAREER PLANNING PROCESS AT TELENOR:- An on going process preparing, implementing and monitoring career plans undertaken by the individual alone or in concern with the organizations career systems. The practice of organizational career planning involves matching an individual’s career aspirations with the opportunities available in an organization.

If a career management is successful, the individual and the organization must assume an equal share of responsibilities for it . The individual must identify his or her aspiration and abilities and through counseling, recognize what training and development are required for a particular career path. Long term career planning focuses on Core Workplace Skills such as communications (verbal and written), critical and creative thinking, teamwork and team building, listening, social, problem-solving, decision-making, interpersonal, project management, planning and organizing, computer/technology, and commitment to continuous/lifelong learning.

Telenor focus on short term and long term career planning:- SHORT-TERM CAREER PLANNING: Short-term career plan focuses on a time frame ranging from the coming year to the next year. For a short term career planning Human resource department with the help of HR manager focuses on following exercises:- 1. Analyze likes and dislikes:- They enjoy training programs, company’s quarterly/annual meetings and dinning, national and international traveling etc. Every single corporate decision is taken after a consultation with all relevant departments. 2. Analyze Passion:-

Analyze passion reflects on times and situations in which they feel most passionate, most energetic, most engaged. 3. Analyze strengths and Weakness:- In this analyze work experience, education, training, skill development, talent and abilities, technical knowledge, and personal characteristics. 4. Analyze Definition of success:- “Success comes to those who make it happen not to those who let it happen” It means spend some time on knowing how they define success. What is success in their point of view such as wealth, power, control and contentment? 5. Analyze Personality:-

They prefer young, bachelors, soft spoken, cool minded, found of traveling ,excellent team player/leader, down to earth and definitely educated etc In each department they seek an individual who is a good intellectual. LONG-TERM CAREER PLANNING:- Long term career planning usually involves a planning of five years or longer and involves a broader set of guidelines and preparation. Long range career planning should be more about identifying and developing core skill that employees will always value while developing personal and career goals in broad strokes.

Like HR department has its own plan that how to develop managers and leaders for tomorrow. They have strongly plans to develop individuals who can look after several different regions while sitting in Islamabad office (Head office). Similar opportunities and case studies are offered to such members to gauge their skills and interests. Beside this an emphasis is also on providing knowledge of all related and relevant things that may help in their future jobs. USEFUL TOOLS /RESOURCES OF CAREER PLANNING AT TELENOR:- These are the tools that use for career planning at Telenor:- . Career assessment tools:- They have a collection of best self assessment tools, designed to give a better idea to their employees to analyze attitudes and interests as they relate to possible career choices. Employees are welcomed to share their classified information with HR department and seek professional solutions for their work-related problems. For example; the major tool they used for self assessment are workbooks and workshops and for organizational assessment major tools are performance appraisal, succession planning. . Career change resources Some tools and resources specially established for jobseekers contemplating a career change. For example I f an employee want to change his career from IT professional to HR person they are provided opportunity for job shadowing. Employee’s actual moves between few departments he likes work therefore a few days and then finalizes with relevant head of departments and HR manger to switch to specific department. 3. Career exploration resources:-

They give their employees opportunity to find some great resources designed to help them in order to learn more about different jobs, careers and career exploration. 4. Transferable skills: The concept of a transferable skill is a vital job –search technique that all the job- seekers should master, through the concept is especially important for career changers and college students. For example each member involved in any type of training is held responsible to transfer all these skills to a next person. 5. Workplace value assessment:-

The assessment tool is used to better understand the core values of the employees working in organization and also analyze what the employees want in their jobs, and career. For example make their employees to fill the required details of all kind of national and international training in the event feed back forms then the management able to know the learning objectives of employees which they want further in their careers. Telenor offers exciting and challenging careers with competitive pay, excellent benefits and exceptional advancement opportunities.

Telenor care their employees and provide them with a relaxed and enriching working environment. Telenor training and further education programs ensure a high professional standard amongst our employees. Telenor believe that a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in the organization’s ongoing business success. Telenor’s management and organization is imbued with joint values. The Group Management has devised five leadership requirements that apply to all managers in the Group, and all management groups shall discuss what these requirements mean to them.

The demands are: • Passion for business • Change and constant renewal • Operational excellence • Empower people • Integrity TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT PRACTICES TRAINING:- The process for providing employees with specific skills or helping those correct deficiencies in their performance. ? Training is the systematic process of altering the behavior of employees in a direction that will achieve the organization goals. Training is related to present job skills and abilities. It has a current orientation and helps employee’s master specific skills and abilities needed to be successful. A formal training program is an effort by the employees to provide opportunities for the employee to acquire job related skills, attitude and knowledge. ? Learning is the act by which the individual acquire skills, knowledge and abilities that result ion a relatively permanent change in his /her behavior. TRAINING METHODS:- I There are to types of training methods. 1. On the job training 2. Off the job training 1. On the job training:- It includes job rotations apprenticeship, understudy assignment and formal mentoring program. 2.

Off the job training:- Off the job training includes:- ? Seminar ? Lectures ? Conferences ? Workshops TELENOR TRAINING METHODS:- In Telenor training methods include:- 1. Class room lectures:- It conveys technical, personal and problem solving skills and also demonstrates their technical skill by film and videos. 2. Simulation exercise:- It includes actual performance, case analysis, and experimental exercises, role playing and group interaction. 3. Vestibule Training:- It includes learning tasks on the same equipment but in a simulated work environment

GOALS OF TRAINING:- These are the goals of training 1. Training Validity: Did the trainees learn skills or acquire knowledge or abilities during the learning. 2. Transfer Validity:- Did the knowledge, skill, abilities learned in training lead to improved performance on the job? 3. Inter organizational validity Can a training program that has been validated in one organization be used successfully in another firm? TYPE OF TRAINING:- Following are the types of training that are commonly used in general in any organization. 1. SKILLS TRAINING:-

It includes basic literacy skills, technical skills, and interpersonal skills and problem solving skills. 2. Cross functional Training:- It involves training employees to perform operation in areas other than their assigned job. 3. Creativity Thinking: It is based on assumption that creativity can be learned 4. Literacy Training:- It involves the mastery of basic skills reading, writing, arithmetic and their uses in problem solving. 5. Diversity Training:- Diversity training program are designed to teach cultural differences and how to respond to these in work place. . Crisis Training:- It involves preparing employees with tragedies, crashes and workplace violence etc. 7. Customer Service Training:- It include provide customer service to give the employee the skills they need to meet and exceed customer expectation. TELENOR TYPES OF TRAINING:- Training divided into two parts:- 1. Technical Training:- Technical training is conducting whenever they introduces new scheme so that they train their employees about the usage of this new scheme. 2. Non Technical Training:- This training is further divided into two parts

IT Based Training:- This training relates to equipment and technology Non –IT based Training:- Non IT based training is also divided in two section in first section Management training, Communication training, Teams training, Group training is given to employees. And in second section is consisting of launch scheme training, Price training, Customer training. DEVELOPMENT:- An effort to provide with the abilities the organization will need in the future. Diagnostic steps in development program CRITERIA FOR TRAINING VERSUS DEVELOPMENT:- |Training |Development | |Focus |Current job |Current and future job | |Scope |Individual employees |Work group or organization | |Time frame |Immediate employees |Long term | |Goal |Fix current skill eficit |Prepare for future work demands | Their scope of training is on individual employees such as the training of HR manager; where as scope of development is on the entire workgroup like sales group working in their separate departments or other groups in their organization. Their training is job precise and addresses particular performance defects or problems, where as development is concerned with the work force’s skills and versatility. Their training tends to focus on immediate organizational needs while development tends to focus on long term requirements.

The goal of training is a fairly quick improvement in workers performance their main aim is to satisfy their customer as well as for this purpose they train their employees and spend huge amount on their training for this they focus on the immediate organization needs. Whereas the goal of development is the overall enrichment of the organizations human resources Training strongly influences present performance levels, while development pays off in terms of more capable and flexible human resources in the long run.

Their highly tailored approach to training ensures that their employees enjoy increased performance, achieve higher levels of customer delight and more motivated and committed towards their work. RELATIONSHIPBETWEEN PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL AND CAREER:- There is specific description of HR manager responsibilities that are associated after conducting evaluation with respect to career development. Assessment:- Effective preparation of performance development plans, for their employees, requires the ability to assess the needs of the employee and the organization.

Employee may develop own skills in this area by attending the course, “Enhancing Career and Organizational Options,” offered by Staff Education and Development on job. Help their employees to set career goals that are consistent with their skills, knowledge, experience and interests by providing feedback based on observations and assessment of their abilities, readiness and potential. The assessment should be based on manager’s actual experience and observation of employee performance and behavior rather than on assumptions and personal biases.

Providing Information:- HR manager will support career development when he informs an employee about options for and possible barriers to career movement. For example, he may tell his employees about upcoming positions or openings for which they may be qualified, or about budgetary constraints which may inhibit career options or development opportunities in the unit or department Referral:- Refer employees to others who can assist them in achieving development goals.

It is the responsibility of HR manager, to be aware of the appropriate referral sources both within and outside of the department. He may refer employees to books, journals, professional associations or other sources of information. He may also put them in touch with people who might be willing to serve as mentors or with those who might provide an information interview in which employees can learn more about a field or position from someone who is currently working in that area or capacity. Guidance:- Encourage employees to focus on clear, specific and attainable career goals.

Share knowledge and experience with employees. Typical questions employees have are: 1) What is required to move to the next logical position? 2) What are the chances for advancement in this department? 3) How to be mobile within the company? 4) What is the difference between a promotion and an upward reclassification? 5) Who to contact for further information or career counseling. Provide guidance to employees about steps they might take to improve existing skills and knowledge or develop in new functional areas. Develop:-

HR manager support employee development when he assigns employees roles or tasks which challenge them and provide the opportunity to grow. Base decisions about development options and opportunities on a careful assessment of the employee’s readiness to accept additional or new responsibilities or challenges. Provide on-the-job training and refer employees to classes, workshops, and other learning and development opportunities, and recommend employees to serve on committees, task forces or cross-functional teams. CONCLUSION:-

As Telenor one of the best cellular organization, thus it is very difficult to for me give recommendations to them. They continuous review their strategies and make adjustments according to their requirements. They follow almost all norms of efficient working environment and at the heart of it lies the HRM department that manages people very effectively. The HRM departments make programs like performance development planning, which ensures that the employees learn the skills are necessary to achieve the organizational goals.

Other then that, they also want employees to put up suggestions for training needs. These way employees evaluate themselves and ask for training if they feel any deficiency. They have also discussed the career path from both perspective organizational point of view and individual point of view. After informal chat with the employees we come across that they are satisfied with their work, working environment, salary, incentives and the behavior of top management. In my point of view Telenor is the best company providing services to their customers.

But few things like long working hours and working even on public holidays and fear of monotonous job is one of the greatest challenge which HR department need to meet in coming years. After analyzing I came to know that the training they provided to their employees is satisfactory after informal chat with some employees I realize that employees are happy and satisfied with their current job status and also they are able to handle all the tasks given to them because they trained in such a manner that they become the master of all traits that’s why they easily handle every new challenge and complicated projects.

Their performance appraisal is directly link with the career of their employees and that’s why after evaluating it will be helpful for employees that HR manager properly guide them in order to set career goals that are consistent with their skills, knowledge, experience and interests by providing feedback based on observations and assessment of their abilities, readiness and potential. By this employees get to know where they stand right now and what are their strengths and weaknesses through which they get the opportunity to know the possible movements in their careers.

They are also triumphant in order to keep the motivational level of their employees and that’s why turnover rate is tremendously low as compare to other companies because they give appropriate incentives to their employees, provide them such type of friendly environment so that employees themselves motivated towards their work and provide their employees full opportunity to develop their career. In this way Telenor organization guide their employees how they move up on corporate ladder. RECOMMENDATION ON TELENOR:- ? The company should increase the number of intakes for the management trainee programs and also for internships.

This would help students from all over the country who want to be a part of this multinational to learn from their practices. On the other hand, the organization will get more people to assist them. ? There should no biasness at all because due to this the conflicts are not to solve but it will increase so it should better,do not iterfere any personel matters of others but try to understand each and every one should live equality. other so that they would exactly know what are the deficiencies in the current employees and what are the areas that they will have to focus on for training. Job rotation is not effectively used by the organization as a tool which would help employee learning and growth. Other then the management trainee program, the tool is not used anywhere else. Thus, restricting the employees in their own departments and with their own works and limiting their understanding about the workings of other departments and jobs. ? Frequent postings to different locations within the country creates dissatisfaction among the employees. The organization must recruit employees from the same location where the vacancy is from.

Recruiting the employee from different city and then placing him in other city would decrease employees job satisfaction. ? Communication trainings and tests should conduct by the company for the betterment of the Company and the employees. ? The Company should be flexible in recruiting the person because no one is perfect in this world so he should be up to the mark and have ability to fulfil the requiments of the Company. STRATEGIES OF MINE THAT HOW I MOVE UP ON CORPORATE LADDER IN ORGANIZATION:- If I want to move on a corporate ladder that means firstly I will decide my career planning.

CAREER PLANNING PROCESS:- The decision that how I will spend my working life is critically important. To manage my work/life effectively, i need to understand What I am, what options I have, how I can get to where I want to go. I may not be able to control all the circumstances that impact upon my life, but I can influence the direction my life is going, and I can make decisions that are right for me. Managing your career is not a one-time event; it is continuous cycle of personal development. As goals are reached, new goals are established and development continuous in new direction.

There are several steps in process, as illustrated below:- Steps Of Career Planning Process:-[pic] Step 1:- Determine where I want to go:- In first step managing my career I will know myself, an important part of this self insight knows where i want to go in career. Why do I pursue the work and the life I do? In short in this step I will identify the interests, values, and skills that already have and which allow me to contribute productively to my workplace. This will help me to see more clearly which competencies and life interests I want to continue to use in a work setting and those i may want to develop further.

This self- reflection will guide me in determining career goals that are a good fit. Step 2:-Identify my strength and development areas In this step I will identify my strength and areas of development. It will enable me to receive input from my manager, peers, people, and other colleagues on the leadership competencies deemed critical to the provincial service. Step3:- Make a career development plan:- In this step I will create my career development plan. Completing the plan will help me make the link between my career goals and the development that will help me move toward the achievement of my goals.

Based on my past performance, strengths and career goals, I will prioritize my areas for development. I will identify what type of opportunities will target my development areas and explore how to access these opportunities. Step 4:- Getting closer to your goals:- For many individuals, their career goal involves moving into a new position. Success in getting a job – externally or within government – is largely determined by gaining entry to the interview and then interviewing well. Good resumes are ital to getting an interview and strong interview skills are a must in selling the match between your qualifications and the job requirements. This workshop will provide you with the necessary skills to compete effectively for job opportunities. CONCLUSION:- According to me, Be a leader, generate different ideas, be willing to hard work, face challenging jobs , loyal to organization, colleagues, boss and also loyal to yours self that is the method of moving up on corporate ladder. QUESTIONAIRES FROM HR MANAGER OF TELENOR:- Q1) Do have career Planning strategy in your organization?

Q2) what are the objectives of career planning and management in your organization? Q3) Do you have careered planning strategy in your organization? Q4) Do you assessment/ development centers in organization? Q5) How do you manage individual versus organization related to career development? Q6) Do you think career development is valuable for organization and employees? Q7) How do you make the training plan? Q8) What are the key difficulties and challenges faced by your organization in achieving the career development strategies /objective?

Q9)In your estimation are you achieving the desired objectives of career development. BIBLIOGRAPHY:- www. telenor. com. pk www. altavista. com. pk www. google. com. pk ———————– Telenor – ideas that simplify Telenor – to create value for the customer by providing quality services @ affordable price. Training Technical Non-Technical Product Specific IT Based Training Non-IT Based Training Work analysis: Observation Questionnaires Performance review Critical incident Management training Communication training Teams training Group training

Sales training Brand training Price training Customer training Determines behavior needed to perform work and performance standard. Examine work requirements, specifications and changes in work Organizational analysis: Discussion Rewards Analysis of meetings Review goals, mission and strategic plan Determine short and long term goal of the organization. Human resource analysis: Observation Records Critical incidents Develop behavior objectives to be accomplished through development programs. Objectives to be used in evaluation of success of program.

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