How to Make a Bread Box from Timber Assignment

How to Make a Bread Box from Timber Assignment Words: 360

Diary Recount Received design brief and folio assignment for breadbox. Received long piece of timber for 12 slats and cut each to mm long. – Japanned dozen slats Toledo thick and chamfered each to mm. -Marked rebate joints on top and cut with electric router and Gig. – Marked curve on both sides of breadbox with pencil and template. – Nailed sides together with mm bullet-head nails and Harrington hammer followed line with Jigsaw- Sanded sides evenly with disc sander.

Finished off with garnet paper and a sanding block. – Removed nails with pincers and steel rule. Issued with a piece of timber for front rail and cut to mm, sanding each end square with disc sander. – Cut a stopped rebate Joint on both inside edges of the 2 sides using an electric router and a mm bevel-edged chisel. Allowing for the front rail to slot into inside. – Cut grooves in sides for the roller lid to run in using the electric router with a ball bearing race.

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Cut down top shorter so there is no overhang with radial arm saw. Marked positions for nails with steel rule and pencil. – Nailed top and sides together using a Harrington hammer, PA glue, xx. 25 mm nails and a nail punch. – Issued with a precut base and nailed it to the main frame with Harrington hammer, PA glue and nail punch. – Puttied over nails using pinewood putty and a putty knife. Sanded Job with 120 grit garnet paper and sanding block. – Cut slats to fit into grooves with tendon saw.

Lined up all slats evenly using a try square, pencil, vice and a scrap piece of wood. Applied Shelley Kiwi-Grip adhesive to the back of all slats and onto a sheet of fabric using a scrap piece of wood to spread it evenly. – Added another sheet of fabric to strengthen. Put slats into Job and nailed pre-cut back on using nails and a Harrington hammer. – Gave Job a final sand and then vanished with three coats of water-based varnish -The breadbox is now ready for marking.

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