Holmes and Rahe Stress Inventory Test Assignment

Holmes and Rahe Stress Inventory Test Assignment Words: 690

I will do all in my will power to decrease those chances of inheriting the same health problems or health problems in general. I believe that this is my perspective on motivation. They are my motivation to live a healthy, well- balanced life. Although I may not have signs of stress, there are a few stress I face on the daily basis. Five ways that help me keep stress levels down are by exercising, talking to someone most comfortable with, being more assertive, time management, and relaxing/ taking time for myself when needed.

When dealing with stress you normally want to treat yourself by doing whatever soothes your brain and body to life symptoms of stress. Symptoms of stress can be harsh on the human body and the feeling of being overwhelmed can trigger more problems. Exercising Is something I’m personally big on because I feel like at the end of the day any obstacle I faced/ facing is let out at the gym. A good physical activity to release toxins and emotion can exit the body causing relief.

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Running helps occupy my mind with clarity and I feel at ease, it’s a sport I enjoy and can do with someone I’m close too, which is my sister. When I run I feel like my grounds are limitless and the same goes to my mind; it feels imitates in space and I have room to think, breathe, and live happy thoughts. I like to go to the gym at least 3 times a week to decrease stress levels as well. In my life Eve found having God, my family, best friends, and my boyfriend closest to me Is what keeps me going everyday because I can speak to them and vent.

I know in my generation social networks are In the palm of every teenagers hand and It’s really easy to vent Vela Internet, but I’m the opposite. I can easily turn to someone or simply pray about what’s going on and suddenly feel at ease. Getting advice from omen else and listening instead of speaking can really mess with my mind in a positive way to create positive thoughts and new perspectives. About six months ago became employed to a clothing company. This was to me my first real Job considering my first Job was working for a family member.

There were some sudden changes and new tasks I became informed with, but aside from the new tasks came managers. My personality isn’t one to say “No”. I feel bad when having to reject an opening shift or “call in” offer. I feel as if I’m letting the store and managers down. This has effected me because not only do face work I have other oratories greater than work, which is school. By being more assertive and standing up for myself has helped with my time management as well.

By not having a voice to speak up and turn down the offer can effect my down time at home to be progressive and study or do my assignments. As previously mentioned, time management is what helps me stay focused on my over something that could’ve been prevented. For example, as a student I have different classes to work for VS. friends. I can manage my time by holding off or postponing on hanging out and get what needs to be done before the “should’ve, older, could’ve thoughts”.

Lastly, relaxing and taking time for myself is important to me, because everyone deserves that down time to re-energize and re-coupe from a long day/week of work/ school. It’s good for your health and body to relax and I find this not only helps my body but my mind in recouping. There are a few activities I like to do which helps me relax, such as shopping, getting a pedicure, eating out, and sleeping. Every person has to find their inner self and Just do the things that make them happy because that will play a role when dealing with stress.

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