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Dedication and commitment to the cause of education is the hall mark of our staff. Our extra curricular and sports coaches are well qualified and are of national and international standards. Our students are trained scientifically in the field of sports. Regent International College Vision & Mission Vision – Be amongst the top five international educational institutions in Sir Lankan. Mission – – Provide a modern, appropriate and adequate infrastructure. Recruit, develop and retain the best teachers and facilitators with the right attitude. – Adopt an up to date syllabus and modern creative teaching methods. – Interact effectively and work in partnership with all stakeholders (pupils, searchers, parents and management) in fulfilling each one’s aspirations. -Function in an environmentally and socially responsible manner maintaining high moral and ethical standards. His assignment describe Organizational procedure to recruit and select a candidates in a better ways and assess the legal and ethical considerations to the recruit and selection process and compare leadership styles in different situations and explain different between leadership and Management and perform skills and attributes needs for leaders and motivation theories applied above reading….. Etc The Structure of Management in Organization

Constitution of the Parent Teacher and management Committee (PPTP) (Regent International College is the only International School to have the Parent Teacher and Management Committee) Name : The committee will be called “Parent Teacher and Management committee” (PPTP). Objective : TO provide an open forum for parents, Teachers and Management to discuss, Brain a view to, Storm give feed back, come up with suggestions with college. Furthering education, Sports and other curricular activities of the The development and general welfare of the pupils of the The development of the school.

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Membership of the Committee Any parent, teacher and a Director will be entitled to be appointed to the committee by their peers. Number of Committee Members (Maximum 29 members) Parents – 15 (One parent from each grade level) Teachers – 06 (One from primary, secondary and senior school and the heads of each section) Management – 01 (Managing Director or Executive Director) Principal ; 01 Membership Fee : There will be no membership fee. Election of Members Parents – Will be elected by other parents to have one parent representing each grade level.

Membership will be for a year being eligible to be elected for another ear with a maximum of two years on the committee. To be elected at the annual parent/management meeting. Teachers One teacher to be elected by other teachers, to have one representing each school level. The three head teachers / Co-Coordinators of each section will be appointed as member automatically. Principal/Director – Will be appointed members automatically. Meetings : Minimum of six meetings per year, with a minimum of two meetings per term is to be held at the school hall. Meetings will be chaired by a Director or the Principal in a Director’s absence.

Personal Assistant to the ironical will keep brief minutes Of the meetings and decision so taken will be circulated among the committee members within two weeks of such meetings. If at least 10 committee members request for a meeting in writing to the principal, the Principal will call such a meeting of the PPTP. RECRUITMENT, SELECTION, PROCESS, METHODS AND STEPS . Recruitment:- Organizational activities that provide a pool of applicants for the purpose of filling job openings. It is a process of searching for prospective employees . Stimulating & Encouraging them to apply for jobs in the org.

Sources Of Recruitment: Present Employees Unsolicited Applicants Educational and Professional Institutions Public Employment Offices Private employment Agencies Employee Referrals Help wanted Advertising Walk-Ins ways of recruiting – Internal recruitment – External recruitment Internal recruiting ways-succession plan -Referrals-leanest External recruiting ways-Internet job Banks-Paper Advertisement- Professional Institute According to the my selected organization they used external recruitment in practice to attract candidates, They post a job vacancies on weekend newspaper .

What is advertisement? Advertising is a one-way communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain them For Recruitment – To provide information that will attract a significant pool of qualified candidates and discourage unqualified ones from applying Use of Advertisements in Recruitment Process. Creating awareness of Job Opportunities in the specified field of Interest.

Finding Desirable Candidates Keeping an competitive edge over competitors as more advertisements attracts best of the job seekers. Advertisement is the fastest way to spread recruitment hiring information Selection: Is the process of discovering the qualifications & characteristics of the job applicant in order to establish their likely suitability for the job position. A good selection requires a methodical approach to the problem of finding the best matched person for the job .

Validity – psychometric tests are a more valid method of assessment than interviews, academic achievement & reference checks, and when utilized in combination (for example in an assessment centre) are highly predictive of future job performance. Cost – the cost of selection errors IS large for both the employer and the employee. Psychometric tests help to minimize costs while maximizing potential fit between the candidate and the job.

Army Alpha and Beta tests (WWW) – developed out of an urgent need to select response with specific aptitudes for training in specialist and strategic roles. Today – Psychological tests widely used in selection practices. USES OF TESTS Evaluation of right candidate Proper selection of candidate Identifying the candidates personality Places Where Psychological Testing Is used Colleges or Educational Institutes Army,Navy etc. Bank Airlines Companies Schools So, now a days in most of the places candidates are evaluated on the basis of the psychological test.

Advantages can result in lower turnover due if applicants are selected for traits that are highly correlated with employees who have high longevity thin the organization can reveal more information about applicant’s abilities and interests can identify interpersonal traits that may be needed for certain jobs Disadvantages difficult to measure personality traits that may not be well defined applicant’s training and experience may have greater impact on job performance than applicant’s personality responses by applicant may may be altered by applicant’s desire to respond in a way they feel would result in their selection lack of diversity if all selected applicants have same personality traits cost may be prohibitive for both the test and interpretation of results jack of evidence to support validity of use of personality tests Tips Select traits carefully : An employer that selects applicants with high degree of ‘assertiveness’, ‘independence’, and ‘self-confidence’ may end up excluding females significantly more than males which would result in adverse impact.

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