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What kinds of ancient buildings were referenced in this Carolingian one and what was the manner of reference to those buildings? What new qualities are found in this reinterpretation of classical sources both in its general form and in its use of materials? 3. Citing one specific complex or proposed complex, discuss the architecture Of monasticism during the Middle Ages. What broad cultural and or political role did this monastic complex play within Medieval society? How were the buildings arranged and how did this arrangement express specific social, political, and spiritual deals?

Discuss how these same ideals relate to the architecture of this complex. You should answer the question in two to three paragraphs using complete sentences and citing at least one key work from the relevant lecture to illustrate your argument. You must carefully check the essay for spelling and grammar. No bullet points. It should be typed double-spaced using any word processing program and saved in PDF format for submission (see below). This not a research assignment, so the source of information for the essay should be the course textbooks, the course website, and your lecture totes.

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Deriving your argument directly from other sources such as books and websites will be considered as plagiarism, which is a serious academic offense. Grading: You will be graded out of a total of 15 points on a combination of the content of the essay (8 points) and your overall argument or thesis (7 points). Submission format: You must put your name and student ID at the top of the page and clearly identify the question you are answering. The assignment must be submitted in PDF format, naming the file using your last name and first initial. Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem, Israel 700 Exterior view with richly decorated exterior covered in mosaic tile. A carefully proportioned geometric system orders the relationship between the outer octagonal wall and the octagonal and circular inner ambulatories The decoration of the interior follows Byzantine traditions, but achieves a higher level of complexity of color and pattern. Geometric system: from the square and the octagon (earth) to the heavenly world of the circle and the dome Rock of the Sarah, the place from which Muhammad started his journey to heaven, is located in the center

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