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Many people desire to acquire higher education at the Barbados Community College. In doing so there could be many challenges that accompany this. Students, whether part-time or full-time, are affected by the issues they encounter. Some of these challenges can be solved by adopting the following guidelines listed below. One of the major challenges students are faced with, especially part-time students, is financial difficulties. Tuition costs for part-time students are far greater compared to the tuition cost of full-time students.

For example, A three-year associate degree for a local student, full-time, costs six hundred and thirty dollars while a three-year associate degree for a local student, part-time, costs five thousand dollars. As a result of these high prices, some students were forced to withdraw from programs. In addition, students have to purchase books and or materials which varies between one to four hundred dollars. Furthermore, students spend an average of forty dollars, or more, a week in bus fare or gas to attend college in order to satisfy an eighty recent class attendance – to qualify to sit final examinations.

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To resolve this Issue, students can get a part-time Job and budget his or her money properly. Getting a Job will enable students to have money to purchase books, pay tuition and pay bus fare and budgeting will safeguard students against overspending. Another hardship faced by many students Is time management. Time management Is proportioning the amount of time spent on specific activities to Increase productivity. Majority of the course work done at college Is completed outside of the classroom.

This course work Involves researching projects, writing assignments and tests. Students not only find It difficult to balance this workload against his or her social life but also to keep focus. Whether part-time or full-time, students are easily distracted by both essential and non-essential activities: working, doing laundry, looking after children and or spouses, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, surfing the web, posting comments on faceable, chatting on black berry messenger, going to the cinema, congregating In useless discussion and such like.

However, students can address this problem by preparing a time-table or weekly planner listing the activities which he or she undertakes on a dally basis. From the Information filled In by the student In the time-table or weekly planner, he or she will be able to view which activities are Important and compulsory and requires his or her from those which are non- essential and can be rejected and used to study, work on assignments or review notes. The unavailability of night transportation has added to the many challenges students encounter.

Some of the full-time students may choose to stay after classes to utilize the library services or work on group projects while part-time students finish classes between the hours of eight-thirty and nine In the night. When these students leave the library or classes, those who do not have transportation, they have to walk along poorly 11th roads to a bus stop, with poor or sometimes no lighting, to Walt for a bus or These situations provide unsafe conditions for the student whose life is at risk to criminal activity.

Some of these students go as far as to the north of the island reaching home as late as eleven-thirty in the night. After reaching home so late at night, students are too tired to eat, furthermore study. None the less, this problem can be cleared by the college providing night transportation to both bus terminals, in Bridgetown, for these students, which will ensure the students safety and allow them to reach home at an earlier time. By implementing the solutions listed above, students can overcome the challenges they encounter at the Barbados Community College.

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