Health and Social Care Level Assignment

Health and Social Care Level Assignment Words: 806

L Introduction In my assignment I will be creating a poster which explains potential hazards and the harm that may arise from them in a health care setting. What is a hazard? A hazard is a Dangerous risk that can occur anywhere. What is a potential hazard? A potential hazard is a hazard what might be there but has not happened Just yet. Equipment hazards can be things such as hoists which can be a big hazard as the hoists could get in the way and a service user could trip and cause them an injury.

Another hazard would be wearing gloves because if the staff didn’t wear gloves whilst hey were treating a patient they would carry the infection to another patient, which could cause them to be severely ill or worse even die. Infection hazards can be things such as not washing your hands after dealing with a patient in a nursing home because this can spread germs and can infect another service user by things you touch which then the other person touches and the infection spreads. Another hazard would be beds because if a service user sits on a patient’s bed they will pick up a few infections for example one would be MRS..

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Chemical hazards are dangerous in a nursing home for example the cleaning products could contain hazardous chemicals which could poison irritate the service users skin, cause them to become seriously ill or the chemicals could be flammable that’s why you should always read the label before using such chemicals. There is also another chemical hazard which is also dangerous (faulty electrical appliances) in a nursing home setting the faulty electrical appliances could set fire to furniture in the nursing home which then the service users would get badly burned or even death.

Personal Safety hazards is all about keeping people safe for example in a nursing home settings the staff would make sure the patients would have everything they need, and nothing around them which could cause them harm such as a hot cup of tea on the patient’s bedside table another hazard would be keeping the personal details of the patient confidential if the details were not kept confidential disastrous things could happen such as fraud. Abuse is a big hazard in the nursing home setting for example a member of staff could be secretly treating the patient with disrespect by calling them names, not washing them, and hurting them physically.

This could lead the patient feeling worthless, upset Ana angry wanly would affect ten patient emotionally Ana phonically and may cause them to stop eating. Poor staff training Poor staff training is where a member of staff has received low amount of training they are required to have in their Job, for example the staff member may not have been told how to use a hoist which could be dangerous to the patient because if the Taft didn’t use the equipment properly it could put the patient in a dangerous position by falling out of the hoist another example could be communication.

It is important to have effective communication in a health and social care role as the patients are needed care which will require communication between the staff and patient to meet the service user’s needs. Poor working conditions Poor working conditions is where a member of staff is working in a condition which is unacceptable to work in such as McCollum on the walls which could cause the service seers to become ill another example could be if the rooms were cold, the service users could become severely ill causing pneumonia or death.

Environmental – Environmental meaner that it has an aim to protect the natural world for example acid rain would cause environmental damage such as acidic water affects the growth and health of fish and other aquatic life. Air pollution is an environmental factor which can cause death as the air molecules are poisonous which people would be breathing in, also waste water is a massive environmental actor which is full of feces and urine which can cause all sorts of diseases and can ruin the soil in the ground which can stop plants from growing.

Air pollution would be very dangerous in a nursing home setting because if the air was contaminated by dirt molecules in the air which are poisonous this could cause the service users to become extremely ill or even death as the carbon monoxide takes away your oxygen. You cannot smell, see or taste the gas, carbon monoxide can also give you brain damage the worst thing about it the service users would only know it is there when it is too late.

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