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Week 3 Updated Quiz in RES 342(r6) The quiz is worth a total of 10 points. This assignment is due on Monday of week 3. This is an individual effort! If you receive other human assistance, you must document it when you submit the quiz. I’ll consider this assistance in determining your score. Of course, you’re encouraged to seek any published assistance or any assistance on the Internet, provided that you document such assistance. (This may even help your score). The dean of a large and well-respected school of business is interested in evaluating the starting salaries being offered to its current MBA graduating class.

Suppose the dean wishes to examine the effect of major concentration and gender on starting salary. Of the 24 graduating students in the study, there are three within each gender and major combination. The salary packages offered are as follows: Salary Package (in thousands of dollars) GenderAccountingFinanceManagementMarketing Male89. 3100. 282. 185. 2 98. 993. 074. 468. 3 100. 4106. 584. 369. 2 Female87. 881. 667. 881. 9 81. 791. 772. 277. 1 83. 175. 464. 775. 3 What should the dean conclude?

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Ans)According to the data in accounting department the salary of female candidate ranges between 81-87 where as in males it ranges from 89-100 Whereas in finance for male it ranges from 93-106 and for females it is 75-91 For management the salary For men ranges from 74-84 whereas for women candidates it is from 64-72 For marketing the average package for men ranges from 68-85 whereas for women it is from 75-81 Conclusion: Hence the average package for men is more than women in accounting, finance and management whereas women has higher package in marketing

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